Gen Con 2016 Coverage 10: Andrew Hackard from Steve Jackson Games

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Aug 102016

Andrew Chats with me during Gen Con about all things Munchkin, and maybe a few things more.  I really think a Munchkin CCG sounds great.

Will somebody get me to BGG so I can share all the SJG releases that they are saving for that show.

Box Breaking 185 Munchkin Dragon’s Trike

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May 242016

Watch as I take a look at the small expansion for Munchkin.  It isn’t limited or collectible every pack is the same.  This is totally Dragon themed.

It’s all about dragons it has to be fun!

Gloom: Munchkin

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Aug 252015

Gloom: Munchkin



Munchkin Gloom is a stand-alone card game that uses the transparent gameplay of Gloom to bring the world of Munchkin to new depths of despair and misery.


There are plenty of happy people in the world of Munchkin. Warriors who slay monsters, adventurers who grab loot, heroes who level up. Heck, halflings who stay at home eating pie all day. But the world of Munchkin is also sad and benighted. A place where those very same Munchkins are all too often backstabbed by buddies, dined on by dragons, and discovered by doom ducks. Heroes delve too deep, plummet down pits, and lose their loot. And that’s before they die.

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GURPS Traveller License Expires

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Jul 282015

GURPS Traveller License Expires

AUSTIN, Texas (July 23, 2015) – Since 1998, Steve Jackson Games has published GURPS Traveller source books under license from Far Future Enterprises. Traveller, a science fiction game of merchant princes and mercenaries, has long been a favorite of gamers everywhere. On December 31, 2015, Steve Jackson Games’ Traveller license will expire, and will not be renewed.

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Star Munchkin Deluxe

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Feb 102015

starmunchkin01Star Munchkin Deluxe


The Munchkins are back in space and bigger than ever with Star Munchkin Deluxe!


Now they’re Mutants, Cyborgs, and Cat People..grabbing Lasers, Vibroswords, and Nova Grenades…fighting Fanged Fuzzballs, Bionic Bimbos, and the Brain In A Jar so grab your laser sword and fight every cyborg and alien you meet. Stab your rivals in the back and steal their stuff. Take the loot and run!


3-6 players

Ages 10+

1-2 hours play time



One 10.5” x 10.5” box

168 full-color cards

1 six-sided die

Assorted pawns and plastic stands for up to six players

One 20” x 10” mounted gameboard

1 Rulesheet