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Jun 052012

In this Interview Jason talks about his field guide projects, why he likes the Heavy Gear Setting, and what we can expect with the rules in the future. He mentions that the South will be getting some new toys and speaks briefly about the convicts and the Phoenixes. Filmed at Origins Game Fair as part of Heavy Gear Week.

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I wanted to put some cool images up in the background of this video for all of you to enjoy.  The lighting just wasn’t as good as it needs to be for that.  I am still going to go ahead and do it at a slightly later date; I fidgeted with the images for 10 hours yesterday and I was just not happy.


I wanted to thank every one for watching our videos and reading our articles during Heavy Gear week .  We are not done yet we still have material  for you to go up this week.  Something about not having power in the game hall made that difficult.

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