May 262012

The Voligeur is a uniquely designed NuCoal weapon.  It is the main battle tank for sale to the Eastern Sun Emirates and other Badland Communities.  The original production stagnated do the cost of the armament.  Production picked up again with and under powered barrel.

When you get to take a look other pictures you will be impressed with the overall size of the model.  It is not an HHT 90 mind you, but you can clearly see it earns its size rating of 13.  It is certainly large enough to spearhead an assault.



The Voligeur can now be found on the battlefield in 3 variants.

The standard variant is armed 2 light field guns (linked), Light Laser Cannon,  light Machine Gun, Air burst Missile.


The Hammer is equipped with a Heavy Field Gun,  Light Laser Cannon,  light Machine Gun, Air burst Missile.



The CV is upgraded to have ECCM 2, Comm1, Auto Comm 5,  2 Light Field Guns (linked), Light Laser Cannon,  light Machine Gun, Anti-Gear Missile.

The Voltigeur looks like it is going to be a huge asset to the NuCoal forces when it comes out next week.  The resin model has an SRP of 30.00 and contains pieces for all the variants.

From Saturday May 26th 2012 through Monday June 4th 2012, all Heavy Gear Terrain and Scenic Bases are 25% off.

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