Starting Heavy Gear with the Northern Starter

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May 272012

As a result, I believe I will be expanding each article while I learn more about each faction.  Then if all goes well I hope to attack the Leagueless lands.  They are an interesting set of build rules that allow so much freedom, I do not believe one will ever stop writing on them.

So you have done it, you bought the Northern starter and finally assembled the models. Now what? You say to yourself looking at your four Hunters, four Jaguars, and your two Grizzlies. You pick up the rule book and tug at the hair on your head. “What have I gotten myself into? This starter is worthless.”


I will admit the starter is not the easiest thing to build with, but it is possible. Especially if you use priority level 1, 3, or 4. It does seem that the most accepted set of values is a TV of 750 with a priority level of 2. Which means you will have to upgrade if you want to play set games (like some tournaments).

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