Jul 312014


It occurred to me that my count might end up off.  That isn’t because I can’t count, it’s much more likely that I might not have the time to make the posts once I arrive in Indy.

It has been a day since I shared my desire to explore The Amega Weapon. Today we will look at aliens. Is it a surprise that there will be aliens at Gen Con? I’m sure that I’m going to leave some out, but I’m really looking forward to checking Alien Uprising from Mr.B. Games, All quiet on the Martian Front, and Mars Attacks.

Alien Uprising crashes a group of marines, the ones that travel through space, on a planets surface. While it wasn’t their fault the marines, that travel through space, inadvertently angered the aliens. Thus begins the struggle to survive. Since it was designed by Sean Brown and Richard Launius you can see why I’m excited.

Then we have Alien Dungeon bringing us All Quiet on the Martian Front. This 15 mm miniature game throws you back to the early 1900’s to fend off the second wave of the martian invasion.  The models look great they really give you that “War of the Worlds” feeling. If you’re like me, you regret not finding this on Kickstarter and going all in. I truly believe, From what I’ve seen, I want to play this game and teach others at local conventions. The aliens are so sweet looking that I will find a use for hundreds of them even if I don’t get to play the game.

gak talks Infantry

Mars Attacks was another great Kickstarter that I missed, so I’m hoping that Gen Con will also be the little town of Greenville. If it is, I’ll definitely be playing a game.  It is one of those games that even if you don’t like the rules you can pillage and use all the scenic pieces for other games.  It is worth your investment!


Til tomorrow take care and be safe.