Jul 302016

13_Star_Trek_Rulebook_CoverWell it’s no surprise to me that Gale Force 9 landed this liscense.  I first caught wind of Ascendency when I stumbled across a A Beasts of War interview. Intrigued I watched it.  I learned so much I really cant wait.  This game is truly unique and it sounds like they captured the scalability of space.  Say what?! Aside from that there are some really cool features that, I feel, are going to truly reflect the politics or diplomacy Star Trek strives to display.

Ascendency will allow each player to play a race.  From what I understand yiou can only play the races that are not the iconic threats to the universe – like The Borg.  Each race willnset out from their home world and explore the galaxy.  Along the way they will encounter new civilizations, other races, and scientific phenomena.

Players can settle/conquer planets to gain what I will call for now resources in order to grow their fleet. I’m not sure how a winner is picked yet, but one other important factor is that you build the board.  A large board with a few players might mean there is several turns before player interaction. While a smaller board will be a quicker game.  What I thinkk makes the board so neat, is that it can easily be used to play with a multitiude of people at conventions.  Which again touches on the Star Trek theme, meeting new races which in this case it’s the players from different cultures.

Did I mention they have the rulebook available for FREE!

I also learned that the planets are color coded.  The colors will have different effects for different races.  The Beast of War interview said that Klingons might prefer red planets because of their war like nature. .

New_Space_Lane_and_SystemThe last cool thing about ascendency is that the nemesis races (The Borg and Cardassians) are going to be like a playable piece.  What, that is just wild.  My question is “Can all of you loose the game to The Borg?”


This game sounds totally stellar and it’s on my must do list.  If not by me then by a very close friend!

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May 022016

Watch as Matt takes a look at Vanifer and the Fire Priest from Gale Force 9 for Dungeons and Dragon.

Vanifer is part of the Dungeon and Dragons  collector series from Gale Force 9.

May 202015

In this video Matt takes a look at using Magnets on his autumn  trees terrain piece from Gale Force 9.  I’m really glad that I did this with rare earth magnets, just make sure you use the slightly larger ones.



I still have some painting to do on this, but i would say it’s about 80% complete.

Feb 172015

In this Figure Forge Matt Assemble the Scoundrels of Skull Port from Gale Force 9.   These are some great D&D Miniatures.

These were a lot of fun I’ll try and get the second video up in a day or so.

Mar 292014

illithidIn this Figure Forge Matt tackles the assembly of the Illithid Raiding Party from Gale Force 9 for Dungeons and Dragons.  GF9 produces these limited edition minis that are all a high quality that contain a great balance of detail for both the skilled and unskilled painter.

You can learn more at Gale Force 9.

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Mar 132014

QesnefIn this Figure Forge video watch as Matt assembles Qesnef of the Dungeons and Dragons limited edition line from Gale Force 9.  Matt has some helpful tips in this video.   Some of the pieces are delicate.

You can learn more about Qesnef at Gale Force 9.



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Feb 072014

illithidIn this Box Breaking Matt delves into the Illithid Raiding Party from Gale Force 9 for the Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game.  The Illithid Raiding Party is a truly unique box set that will certainly enlighten most players.

You can learn more about the Illithid Raiding Party at GF 9.

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Jan 302014

QesnefIn this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the Gale Force 9 miniature Qesnef for Dungeons and Dragons.  The Qesnef box has two models the ogre mage and the halfling.



Check out the line of D&D minis at GF9

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Jan 132014

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the highly detailed model Drizzt Do’Urden and his companion.  Drizzt is made By Gale Force 9 for use with Dungeons and Dragons.  If you play D&D with the collectible miniatures don be alarmed; this figure is not the same scale.


Hope you liked it.  Check back soon for the Figure Forge on this box set.

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