Legacy: Gears of Time

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Aug 262013

Legacy Gears of TimeLegacy: Gears of Time

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In the world of Legacy: Gears of Time, the course of history is maintained by the operators of the Ancient Machine. As an Antiquitect, the machine binds you to the present while you travel back through time. Charged with influencing the activities of the past, you are resolute in ensuring that the technological advancement of the world remains intact. Excellent planning, adaptability and influence are key to returning to the present with the greatest Legacy, claiming victory over your rivals!


Legacy is a strategic card game mechanically rooted in its time travel theme. Players navigate the timeline, establishing and influencing technologies, to ensure increasingly elaborate technology chains remain intact. At the end of each round players score Legacy points for having the most influence over a technology, and for each time a more advanced technologies depends on it; the highest scoring player at the end of the game is the winner!

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Master Thieves from Rio Grande Games Coming Soon

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Jun 132012

Master Thieves

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The heart of MASTER THIEVES is an elaborate jewelry box made of wood. The box has three levels with four drawers on each level. Each drawer has two side – top and bottom and each can hold jewels. The box is designed such that each level may be rotated independently and the box may also be turned over – it has no permanent top or bottom. The result is a beautiful box and an interesting game that combine to provide players with a very special gaming experience – time after time! MASTER THIEVES is a brilliant game, in which 2-8 “crooks” from 10 years can revel in thievish joy.

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