Ramba Samba

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Jun 142012

Ramba Samba

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Carnival in Rio Caterpillo! Ramba Caterpillar prepares herself for the night of her life. She wants to shake a leg, her hairstyle is perfect — only one thing is missing: the right outfit! All of Ramba’s costumes are in a clothes bag. Can you help her find the matching clothes so that she arrives at the party in time? Children Ages 4 and up can feel and form while playing Ramba Samba. Here, players develop their tactile abilities while playing the game. The friendly caterpillar has lots of colorful dresses in her sack, just right for the big carnival. Sadly, Ramba can’t remember any more which clothing articles fit which parts of her long body. The player who can feel which ones fit the fastest is the winner. In Ramba Samba, the name of the game is shapes, feel and a happy little caterpillar with clothes made of lots of colorful wooden pieces. The game board shows the entire length of the caterpillar Ramba. Her carnival costume (wooden pieces) are hidden in a large cloth bag. They fit on the game board in pre-determined ways. Each turn, the player simultaneously reach into the bag to find the next matching puzzle piece. The winner is the player who places the most pieces. Ramba Samba demands tactile awareness in a fun-filled way. Because only the player who can feel the matching pieces fastest will win.

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Sep 202011

Halloween is so close I can almost feel the eerie excitement.   Every year around this time I wish I had a goood gaming costume.   I mean every year I go to these conventions and think how cool some of these costumes are.  Every year I say next year I will have one.  The problem is to just buy a costume you might spend over a thousand dollars.  Well, next year I won’t  have a cool one but I sure will be off to a good start.

While there is no limit to what you can do with your imagination when it comes to costuming you have to start somewhere.  I have always wanted to make a ranger type of costume.  This is something that I will have to do in baby steps, actually my wife will be doing all the work.  For the start of the project, which will take a year or two to budget all the time for, I have decided on a shirt and a cape.  These items should prove fairly easy to make.  The materiel’s needed should also prove to be inexpensive. Continue reading »