Sep 202011

Halloween is so close I can almost feel the eerie excitement.   Every year around this time I wish I had a goood gaming costume.   I mean every year I go to these conventions and think how cool some of these costumes are.  Every year I say next year I will have one.  The problem is to just buy a costume you might spend over a thousand dollars.  Well, next year I won’t  have a cool one but I sure will be off to a good start.

While there is no limit to what you can do with your imagination when it comes to costuming you have to start somewhere.  I have always wanted to make a ranger type of costume.  This is something that I will have to do in baby steps, actually my wife will be doing all the work.  For the start of the project, which will take a year or two to budget all the time for, I have decided on a shirt and a cape.  These items should prove fairly easy to make.  The materiel’s needed should also prove to be inexpensive.The first thing you need to do when designing your own costume is figure out what you want to wear.   There are a couple of things to consider when you make this decision.  The first is what are going to create.  Will it be a very set in stone type of costume like Princess Leia’s slave outfit, or a Knight Templar get up.  it is mportant to know this because it can and will effect your decisions.  The second consideration is how authentic do you want to be to recreate the costume.  For example I am making a ranger type costume.  The pieces I am choosing now are really going to be universal pieces that I will be able to use in other ares of my costume wardrobe.


After figuring out what, I wanted it was time to do some research.  I discovered that searching for costumes is a bad idea that gives you plenty of good ideas.  the problem in searching for costume is it brought up all these costume that companieare selling for big bucks.  The good about it is it gives you plenty of ideas to design your own.  What my wife discovered was there are a plethora of sewing patterns available.

Here are the best two places to look:


I am still looking for more sites that offer patterns, if you know of any please share them.   Here are the firs two patterns my wife will be sewing for me.  Shirt  Cape  Shirt

You might notice there are three links, that is because I am actually undecided on the shirt.


I will come back and add information on the fabric and why I chose it when we get that far.





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