Sep 122012

Dungeon Crawler: Unbound

$ 24.95


With this starter you can play Story Mode (single player), VERSES if your friends have a copy, or you can choose to expand your set with the other themed components to play cooperatively. The Unbound Starter comes with 65 Crawler cards, 65 Dungeon cards, 5 Quest, 5 Adventurers, a Player’s Guide & 30 double sided Tokens; everything you need for Story Mode. All Starters are non-random and contain 14 exclusive Rare cards. The object of the game is to lead 4 Adventurers through the shuffled dungeon deck where you compete to stay alive or to complete 2 out of 3 predetermined quest. You do this by using drawn Crawler cards from your hand to strategically manipulate and defeat dungeon encounters that are determined by a point limit. If you expend all your Crawler cards or allow the Dungeon to slay all your Adventurers, you lose the game. Dungeon Crawler contains complex strategic planning and resource management, recommended for ages 13 and up.

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May 012012

And the hits just keep on coming!  The party descends into the second level of the dungeon.  More strange creatures await, and the mystery of the doors grows.

What the audio doesn’t convey, unfortunately, is how everyone’s eyes light up when they get to roll a big handful of ten-sided dice.  And though difficult to explain, the Silvervine combat system is very intuitive once things get rolling.

SV Session 3.3

Oh, and Matt still hasn’t gotten the joke about his “short staff.”  (Snicker)

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Apr 242012

The dungeon-crawl continues.  Will Powers, Squirmy, Bonsai, and Professor Mora press on as they search answers to the mystery of these caverns far beneath the city of Rumi.  Oh, and Squirmy finds some new clothes.

SV Session 3.2

Again, my favorite line comes from Mike (aka Squirmy): “It’s like a really long fiber-optic camera . . . with a bad lense.”


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Apr 182012

Find your minis!  Grab all your d10′s!  Bring some food for the GM (if you want your character to live)!  And join us in the dungeon again.  It’s time for Silvervine!

That’s right, we finally got together for the next segment of our series of epic adventures.  This time, we’re all-in for a classic dungeon crawl, Silvervine style.  So sit back, strap in, and grab your dice; ’cause it’s time to roll!

SV Session 3.1

My favorite line from this episode?  Once again provided by Mr. Squirmy: “I turn into a baby caterpillar and beg for mercy.”


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Mar 272012

Well, here it is, the last episode from our second session in the Silvervine campaign.  I appologize for the lack of humor and action.  I did have a fight ready to go, but it was just too much fun following what the players were doing.  So consider this a “behind the scenes look” at shared world-building.  In this episode, the “heroes” hire some employees for their newly acquired tavern, and we discuss possible future plot hooks.  I do hope you are entertained and enlightened and disturbed.

SV Session 2.3

It seems a little chaotic, but that is how I like to run a game; and I find such a technique highly successful too.  It avoids the dreaded “GM Railroad” and gives the players more control.  Essentially, I create several plot hooks, and see which ones the players nibble on.  With each plot hook I brainstorm several possible outcomes that the PC’s are likely to take, and then I create even more options from there.  That might sound like a lot of extra work, but it isn’t.  Whatever plot hook or adventures the PC’s don’t take now can still be used later – sometimes as-is, sometimes just slightly “re-skinned” or modified.

For example, in this episode, the players have several choices:

  1. Explore the Sewer – a classic dungeon-crawl, Silvervine style (this might tie into Squirmy’s and/or Professor Mora’s character-arc)
  2. Bounty Hunt – from the bulletin board at the other tavern (this one ties into Bonsai’s character-arc)
  3. Monster Hunt – also from the bulletin board, this is more about exploring the world and creatures of Cyrus
  4. Mechanist Machinations – also from the bulletin board; a favor-within-a-favor adventure
  5. Sob Stories – they hear tales of woe from customers and try and help (think Knight Rider or Person of Interest)
  6. Will’s Mentor – dragon elves are supposed to have mentors, Will lost contact with his long ago . . .
  7. Political Shake-Up – Why was Professor Mora “fired”?

As you can probably tell, some of the above are more fleshed-out than others.  And for each one there is at least two outcomes based on success or failure.  Some even have multiple middle-ground possibilities.  The key is to think “What thingS are likely to happen?” rather than “What do I think would be cool?”  The “S” on “things” is intentionally highlighted.  Consider multiple possibilities; consider the interests of each player and the potential development of each character.  Some adventures are likely to favor or spotlight one character over the others.  This is fine, so long as each player has his/her turn as the campaign progresses.

Also, we haven’t yet gotten together for our third session.  So next week I might just do a podcast on the Silvervine system itself so that those not familiar with the system can follow along with the mechanical jargon.  So stay tuned and keep rolling!

Oh, and my favorite line of this episode:

Ryan/GM: “Do you even have an alignment?”

Mike/Squirmy: “Me and my can.”

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