Mar 202012

This week’s episode does a lot of jumping from “in-character” playing and “out of character” conversation.  Granted, much of that conversation is about the game itself as we try to figure out just what in the heck we want to do (and there is a bit of character development); so I apologize for the lack of awesome action.  But, the group does have a meeting with the Lord-Mayor of Rumi, which will open up all sorts of adventure possibilities.

Oh, and never mind the shuffling sound towards the end; that’s just Danny playing with his deck.  (Snicker)

SV Session 2.2

So what is the next step for the group?  Do they put the “Writ of Theft” to use?  Stay tuned and find out in next week’s episode!

Comment Poll:  What’s your favorite line from this week’s episode?
1.  “Well gentlemen, as your GM, I have no firckin’ idea what to do next!” – Ryan

2.  “My staff fits in my pocket” – Matt.

3.  “Do you even have an alignment?” – Ryan.  “Me and my can” – Mike

4.  Other


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