Mar 302012


Corporation Rangers (10)


$ 24.99 SRP


Utilizing their years of experience, the Corporation Rangers strike ahead of the main force. Some missions require them to lay down suppression fire on the enemy, whilst others task these elite troops with taking out enemy commanders, seizing objectives and capturing enemy troops for information retrieval.

Corporation Marines (20)

$ 44.99 SRP

Taken from the citizens of a thousand worlds, trained to follow orders without question and kill without thought, Corporation Marines are equipped with the latest tactical laser weaponry and wearing resilient battlefield amour, these perfectly drilled soldiers are the reason why world after world keep falling under Corporation control.


Corporation Heavy Weapons (3)

$ 27.49 SRP

As the main forces of the Corporation steadily advance, these disciplined teams provide devastating cover support. Rapid fire lasers strafe the enemy positions, ripping apart troops in a blistering hail of laser fire while the more powerful cannons blast through defensive structures into dust.





Corporation Major General (1)


$ 11.99 SRP

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