Legend of the Five Rings: Naishou Province (RPG)

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Aug 272013

Legend of the Five Rings Naishou Province (RPG)Legend of the Five Rings: Naishou Province (RPG)

$19.99 SRP                                                                         



“May you live in the most interesting of times.”-Old Akodo curse


In a forgotten corner of the Empire of Rokugan lies the small Naishou province. Unremarkable in virtually every way for as long as anyone can remember, the provincial governor of Naishou died under mysterious circumstances some time ago, and since then, things in the province have gotten interesting. Intrigue and treachery have become the order of the day, and even the most honorable of samurai find themselves placed in impossible positions, both by the plots of enemies hidden in the shadows as well as by the machinations of their own allies.


Secrets of the Empire: Naishou Province provides both Game Masters and players with new tools to enjoy the world of Rokugan with a level of detail that has never been attempted before. One entire province of the Empire has been completely detailed, although room has been left for individual groups to fill in the blanks with their own ideas and creations.


In this book you will find:

  • A map of the Naishou Province, taken from the records of the Imperial Cartographers of the Emperor!
  • All the information on Toshi no Naishou, the provincial capital and the center of its most intense and unforgiving intrigue!
  • The Lion Elite Spearmen School, a time-honored tradition of warfare previously only seen in other incarnations of the Legend of the Five Rings brand!


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Legacy: Gears of Time

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Aug 262013

Legacy Gears of TimeLegacy: Gears of Time

$49.95 SRP



In the world of Legacy: Gears of Time, the course of history is maintained by the operators of the Ancient Machine. As an Antiquitect, the machine binds you to the present while you travel back through time. Charged with influencing the activities of the past, you are resolute in ensuring that the technological advancement of the world remains intact. Excellent planning, adaptability and influence are key to returning to the present with the greatest Legacy, claiming victory over your rivals!


Legacy is a strategic card game mechanically rooted in its time travel theme. Players navigate the timeline, establishing and influencing technologies, to ensure increasingly elaborate technology chains remain intact. At the end of each round players score Legacy points for having the most influence over a technology, and for each time a more advanced technologies depends on it; the highest scoring player at the end of the game is the winner!

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Murder in Baldur’s Gate

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Aug 252013

image004Crime, political scandal and murder are running rampant in Baldur’s Gate, a city on the verge of war, in the newest D&D Encounters season beginning today! Murder in Baldur’s Gate takes place during The Sundering, a world-shattering event that, for the first time, invites fans to help define the future of the most popular setting in the Dungeons & Dragons universe – the Forgotten Realms.

In this first D&D Encounters season of The Sundering, danger lurks in the city of Baldur’s Gate and the plot of a murdered deity finally comes to fruition, resurrecting the god of assassins. Bhaal will live again. And in the city that once thwarted his rebirth, can the heroes keep Baldur’s Gate from tearing itself apart?  And how will these events affect the Forgotten Realms?


Throughout the Murder’s in Baldur’s Gate season, which begins today and extends through November 13, players will be encouraged to use the Sundering Adventurer’s Chronicle, an online tool that will collect and tally their play experiences to ultimately help affect the fate of the Forgotten Realms. In the end, the results from all of the D&D Encounters season of The Sundering will help to provide a landscape for future D&D offerings.

Adventurers can also now play the latest D&D Encounters adventure from anywhere in the world – at the same time as the in-store program! Murder in Baldur’s Gate includes a harrowing 32-page adventure in which the player characters defend Baldur’s Gate against an ancient evil long thought slain, along with 64-pages containing in-depth information on the city and its inhabitants.  It is currently available for a suggested retail price of $34.95.

Let me know if you would like a high-res image of the Murder in Baldur’s Gate cover for your news article. In the meantime, for more information on all of the products and in-store play programs related to The Sundering, visit www.DungeonsandDragons.com/Sundering.


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Legacy: Forbidden Machines Expansion

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Aug 252013

Legacy Forbidden Machines ExpansionLegacy: Forbidden Machines Expansion

$25.00 SRP



Vesper, the dark energy fueling the Ancient Machine, is growing out of control, eroding the timeline and causing it to crumble faster than ever. Restoring balance is imperative. To do so, the Antiquitects must break their oath and create the Forbidden Machines; powerful contraptions they were sworn to never bring into existence!


The Forbidden Machines expansion uses all the familiar rules and components from Legacy: Gears of Time and includes a whole new set of technologies and characters. Many new technologies introduce Activation abilities; powerful game affects you can use when travelling back in time to Build Your Legacy. Experience the rise of powerful new technologies in Legacy: Forbidden Machines.


2-4 players

Ages 13+


Requires Legacy: Gears of Time to play.



79 Technology Cards

4 Character Cards

12 Failed Technology Markers

7 Reward Modifier Tokens

4 Extra Turn Tokens

1 Spliced Timeframe

1 Capacity X Marker

1 Rule Book


Don’t forget the base game – available now!

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Tide of Iron: Stalingrad Expansion

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Aug 232013

Tide of IronTide of Iron: Stalingrad Expansion

$79.99 SRP

“Nowhere else was there such bloody hand-to-hand combat. Nowhere else were bayonets and hand grenades used so widely as in Stalingrad…Our soldiers had only one idea. Stalin had ordered us not to retreat.”

–Vasily Chuikov, commander of the Soviet 62nd Army, Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle for Stalingrad commenced on September 13, 1942. Joseph Stalin ordered the Soviet 62nd Army to defend at all costs; Adolf Hitler believed one final assault by the 6th Army would overcome the  Soviet forces. Desperate fighting in the ruins was characterized by merciless close combat and no regard for civilian casualties. The heavy losses of personnel and equipment inflicted on the German army makes Stalingrad one of the strategically decisive battles of World War II.

The Stalingrad expansion adds on to Tide of Iron by allowing players to recreate the vicious house-to-house fighting between the Soviet and German armies in the city of Stalingrad. Players can also engage in tank duels in the streets and alleys of the city as well as launch surprise attacks from the sewers beneath.

Stalingrad includes a full set of Soviet infantry, the German StuG III E and Panzer III, the  Soviet T-34/76, and introducing the T-70 light tank.

This expansion includes:

-12 urban terrain  maps

-8 new scenarios (including 4 linked campaign scenarios)

-Strategy cards that let you

experience the brutal street fighting of the Battle of Stalingrad


Fight through the ashes of the ravaged city to claim Stalingrad as your own!

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Flying Kung Fu Frogs

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Aug 232013

Flying Kung Fu FrogsFlying Kung Fu Frogs2Flying Kung Fu Frogs

$17.99 SRP

Launch your Kung Fu frogs at the training center and try to conquer it to score big. It may look easy, but the levels rotate as you must try to land on moving targets to master the levels of Kung Fu, my froggie friends!

1-4 players

Ages: 4+

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Showdown: Icons

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Aug 232013

Showdown IconsShowdown: Icons

$45.00 SRP


In Showdown: Icons, two players battle it out with unique decks of cards. Each deck in Showdown: Icons can be played against any other Showdown deck. Showdown: Icons features rough and hardened characters from the world of the Icons, including: Queens of Hearts, King of Clubs, and Ace of Spades. Bluff your way to the top and crush your opponent!


2 players

10-30 minute play time



5 Unique decks (54 cards)

Rules sheet

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Hearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975

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Aug 182013

Hearts and mindsHearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975

$75.00 SR


Hearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975 is a card-driven game covering the American buildup of troops and arms in Southeast Asia as to our decision to begin troop withdrawal: 1965-1975. The game is quick (3-6 hours) and clean (map using area movement). Hearts and Minds uses most major events of the period, including proposed events such as the Macnamara Line which was never actually built. Although nominally a combat game, the mechanisms actually revolve around both sides occupying South Vietnamese provinces for propaganda purposes. The heart of the game is political influence. There is little doubt that the Allied player will eventually withdraw his American boys from the quagmire, but the question is, how quickly and in what numbers?


Set includes: 80 cards, tokens, larger mounted 22 x 34” game board, 2 sheets of large 7/8″ counters, playbook and rules.

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Flip Through The Ultimate Campaign for Pathfinder

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Aug 172013

Matt sat down with the Ultimate Campaign for Pathfinder. Paizo did a good job laying out this book.  It covers character background, downtime, campaign systems, and kingdoms and war.  Watch and listen as Matt shares his thoughts on the Ultimate Campaign.

Thanks for watching.  You can learn more about The ultimate Campaign you can visit Paizo.


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