Mega Man Pixel Tactics from Level 99

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Nov 072016

mrga-manIn the Year 20XX…

Mega Man Pixel Tactics is here on Kickstarter! These two new Pixel Tactics Editions feature 56 brand new heroes and leaders, themed after the classic Mega Man games! These cards bring every Robot Master to life as a playable hero & leader, and are compatible with all of the existing Pixel Tactics Games!

Mega Man Blue Edition features 28 characters from Mega Man 1-3.
Proto Man Red Edition features 28 characters from Mega Man 4-6.
And we have some very cool stretch goals featuring a few familiar silhouettes…
Join in and help us bring this game to life in its ultimate form!
To celebrate the campaign, we’re also offering our Pixel Tactics Complete Bundle for a limited time! If you haven’t gotten everything Pixel Tactics yet, there’s no time like the present!

Arcane Academy from IDW

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Jun 112016

arcaneArcane Academy


Challenge rival students to become the best in class in Arcane Academy, an innovative board game of tile linking wizardry for 2-4 players that pits young spellcasters against one another in a duel for honor and prestige.


Forge potent magic items and wield wickedly powerful elemental energies to outthink and outmaneuver your opponents in this elegantly simple and quick-to-learn board game that will appeal to families and experienced players alike!


Game design by Eric M. Lang & Kevin Wilson.

Artwork by Sarah Ellerton.


2-4 Players

Ages 12+

45 minute play time



53 Assignment Cards

30 Prestige Tokens

30 Red Plastic Shards

30 Exhaustion Tokens

35 Action Tiles

4 Will Dials

4 Player Slates

1 “First” Player Token

1 Cloth Tile Bag

1 Rulebook

Flip Through Frostgrave from Osprey Games

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Jun 082016

Frostgrave is one of the hottest games on the market, featuring a fast and furious combat system that children can understand.  Frostgrave was created by Joseph McCullough and published by Osprey Games.

Frostgrave is a phenom.



From Hit Point Sales Pathfinder RPG: Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams (Hardcover)

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Jul 252015

conflictPathfinder RPG: Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams (Hardcover)


Conflict PvP adds advanced team vs. team mechanics and rules to the Pathfinder RPG. Resulting in raw, brutal, yet governed competition!


Play with a team or as gladiator styled individuals as conflict offers scenarios suitable for both styles of play. These scenarios and rules are much more than just death-matches, instead, matches are driven by scenarios with clearly defined objectives that must be completed in order to win. Plus, hidden movement is real in Conflict PvP, so don’t even think about Metagaming it.

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Dungeon Dwellers (Boxed Card Game)

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Nov 172014

ddwelDungeon Dwellers (Boxed Card Game)



Dungeon Dwellers is a fantasy adventure card game that requires strategy, cooperation, and cunning. Each player will take on the role of an adventurer seeking gold. Along the way, adventurers will gain treasure, magic items, abilities, and level increases by defeating monsters within the dungeon. The winner will be the player who collects the most gold at the end of the game.


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Legacy: Forbidden Machines Expansion

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Aug 252013

Legacy Forbidden Machines ExpansionLegacy: Forbidden Machines Expansion

$25.00 SRP



Vesper, the dark energy fueling the Ancient Machine, is growing out of control, eroding the timeline and causing it to crumble faster than ever. Restoring balance is imperative. To do so, the Antiquitects must break their oath and create the Forbidden Machines; powerful contraptions they were sworn to never bring into existence!


The Forbidden Machines expansion uses all the familiar rules and components from Legacy: Gears of Time and includes a whole new set of technologies and characters. Many new technologies introduce Activation abilities; powerful game affects you can use when travelling back in time to Build Your Legacy. Experience the rise of powerful new technologies in Legacy: Forbidden Machines.


2-4 players

Ages 13+


Requires Legacy: Gears of Time to play.



79 Technology Cards

4 Character Cards

12 Failed Technology Markers

7 Reward Modifier Tokens

4 Extra Turn Tokens

1 Spliced Timeframe

1 Capacity X Marker

1 Rule Book


Don’t forget the base game – available now!

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