Bolt Action: D-Day Firefight Starter Set

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Sep 192014

ddayBolt Action: D-Day Firefight Starter Set



Bolt Action: D-Day Firefight is Warlord’s new starter set for Bolt Action. It is designed to help both new and experienced gamers get the best start possible into collecting and playing Bolt Action.


The box contains:

-A handy A5 Bolt Action softback rulebook with US and German army lists

-Introduction booklet

-20x US Infantry

-10x German Infantry

-German Halftrack

-Ruined Farmhouse

-8x Order Dice

-10x 6-sided dice


Players will find everything they need to start playing apart from glue and paint! Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

Black Powder: Napoleonic: La Haye Sainte Battle Set From Warlor Games

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Jul 282014

Black Powder: Napoleonic: La Haye Sainte Battle Set $280.00 SRP napolean1 On the evening of 17th June 1815, the German garrison of the large farmhouse La Haye Sainte (the sacred hedge) settled down to dry out. As the rain poured down, cold and wet soldiers did what all soldiers do – they smashed down the large gates of the barn to build a fire, little thinking that in six hours they would desperately need those gates…     The epic struggle at La Haye Sainte is now the stuff of legend, with its small garrison of green-clad rifleman of the King’s German Legion and their allies clinging on grimly against massed French infantry assaults. nap3 Finally, with the riflemens’ ammunition spent, Marshall Ney ordered one more frenzied assault and this time, with Engineers led by Lieutenant Vieux swinging axes and crowbars, the French drove through the main gate. Bayonets and swords were freely used, in savage hand-to-hand fighting. By early evening the farm was in French hands and the loss of the farm keenly felt by the Allied forces. The overwhelming arrival of Blücher’s Prussian forces won the day for Wellington’s hard-pressed men who then reoccupied the battered remains, but the struggle for this key building will be remembered for eternity.     You can now recreate this epic struggle with this superb battle-set. Will your brave German defenders be able to stave off the massed enemy assaults? Will your proud French troops be able to drive the Allies from this vital strongpoint and threaten Wellington’s flank? Only time will tell. Napolean2 La Haye Sainte contains: -Laser-cut wooden farmhouse, out-buildings, walls and pond including construction guides and acetate windows -Laser-cut wooden tables and chairs – use as firing steps -Two laser-cut wooden carts and plough (barricade) -Six metal branches to form an abatis -Major Von Baring, King’s German Legion 2nd Light Battalion (exclusive metal figure) -15 metal King’s German Legion 2nd Light Battalion with rifles and muskets -5 King’s German Legion light infantry -36 French Light Infantry (30 plastic and 6 metal) including full-colour flag sheet and waterslide decals -Lieutenant Vieux (exclusive metal figure) and five metal French Engineers with muskets or tools -12-page scenario booklet



You can find all your Name Your Link needs here, well there.

Tide of Iron: Stalingrad Expansion

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Aug 232013

Tide of IronTide of Iron: Stalingrad Expansion

$79.99 SRP

“Nowhere else was there such bloody hand-to-hand combat. Nowhere else were bayonets and hand grenades used so widely as in Stalingrad…Our soldiers had only one idea. Stalin had ordered us not to retreat.”

–Vasily Chuikov, commander of the Soviet 62nd Army, Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle for Stalingrad commenced on September 13, 1942. Joseph Stalin ordered the Soviet 62nd Army to defend at all costs; Adolf Hitler believed one final assault by the 6th Army would overcome the  Soviet forces. Desperate fighting in the ruins was characterized by merciless close combat and no regard for civilian casualties. The heavy losses of personnel and equipment inflicted on the German army makes Stalingrad one of the strategically decisive battles of World War II.

The Stalingrad expansion adds on to Tide of Iron by allowing players to recreate the vicious house-to-house fighting between the Soviet and German armies in the city of Stalingrad. Players can also engage in tank duels in the streets and alleys of the city as well as launch surprise attacks from the sewers beneath.

Stalingrad includes a full set of Soviet infantry, the German StuG III E and Panzer III, the  Soviet T-34/76, and introducing the T-70 light tank.

This expansion includes:

-12 urban terrain  maps

-8 new scenarios (including 4 linked campaign scenarios)

-Strategy cards that let you

experience the brutal street fighting of the Battle of Stalingrad


Fight through the ashes of the ravaged city to claim Stalingrad as your own!

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Desert Heat from Locked and Loaded

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Jun 072013

NAW: Desert Heat

$59.99 SRPdessert heat


It’s the summer of 1943 and Allied forces fight the Axis armies over the burning sands of North Africa. It’s a fluid struggle pitting tanks on tanks, and now you can refight these battles using the popular Nations at War system. Designed by Ralph Ferrari, here you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a platoon-level game! Armor, artillery, infantry that serves as more than cannon fodder, command and control, air support, and desperate close assaults that leave the victor in possession of the ground and the defeated in headlong retreat, all in an easy to learn, challenging to master, game system.


Desert Heat, which focuses on the fighting between the Americans, their British allies, Germans, Italians, and French, includes three counter sheets replete with the vehicles, men, and weapons of the armies that fought in North Africa in 1941-43.


There are 16 scenarios played out on four 11” x 17” geomorphic maps with .75” and .625” counters.

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Home Before the Leaves Fall (HC) from Osprey in July

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Jun 272012

Home Before the Leaves Fall (HC)

$ 24.95 SRP


The German invasion of France and Belgium in August 1914 came close to defeating the French armies, capturing Paris and ending the First World War before the autumn leaves had fallen. But the German armies failed to score the knock-out blow they had planned. The war would drag on for four years of unprecedented slaughter. There are many accounts of 1914 from the British point of view, and the achievements of the British Expeditionary Force are the stuff of legend. But in reality, there were only four British divisions in the field, while the French and Germans had more than 60 each. The real story of the battle can only be told by an author with the skill to mine the extensive German and French archives. Ian Senior does this with consummate skill, weaving together strategic analysis with diary entries and interview transcripts from the soldiers on the ground to create a remarkable new history. Hardcover; July 2012; 384 pages

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D-Day Dice from Valley Games

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Apr 142012

D-Day Dice

$ 39.95 SRP


Normandy, June 6th, 1944. As you land on the well-defended beaches, a German machine gun nest is killing your comrades like flies… You must do something! In D-Day Dice, players are Allied soldiers trying to organize improvised units for an attack against the machine gun nest. Each player starts the game with a unit of a few soldiers and nothing else. As the game progresses, he will collect resources and advance on the beach, sector by sector, as his unit grows stronger and deadlier. He will succeed… or die trying. D-Day Dice is a multiplayer co-op game, where all players play their turn simultaneously and must help each other in order to stay alive. It also includes solitaire optional rules.

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