Box Breaking 184 Munchkin Deluxe

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May 102016

Matt is starting his tribute to Munckin with this Box Breaking of Munchkin Deluxe.  It started them all.

Drink some ale, have some pretzels and level up for the win. Well, it’s not that easy!  Your friends might just be devious enough to steal that level from you.

Secret Directive Kickstarter Preview

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Oct 272015

Have you ever wanted to be a spymaster? Sending spys to other countries to collect intel, subvert enemy spies and probably die? Then you can send them to death rehab and do it all over again. That’s how it works right?

Secret Directive is a sort of “take-that” style deck building, economic, worker placement… thing for 2-4 players designed my Mike Lee and art by Daniel Giovannini. It wold be quite a task to wrestle all of those concepts into a workable and fun experience wouldn’t it? Well I guess we will find out. I will briefly describe the gist of the game, after which I will and tell you why I believe this game might or might not be worth your hard earned cash.



Okay so get this: There are four ways to win here. Four different types of “Intelligence” cards will allow you to advance 4 different tracks. Economy, Science, Military and Culture. Each provides a suitable and respectable upgrade to your country. You will research these cards, add them to your deck and advance these tracks.

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They Come Unseen from Osprey Publishing

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Oct 102015

theyThey Come Unseen



Submarines and surface fleets battle for dominance of the seas! One team must use submarines to sneak troops into enemy ports and destroy vital strategic targets, while the other team deploys a surface fleet to hunt down the subs and protect their crucial supply lines.


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Steve Jackson Games Announces Two More Munchkin Guest Artist Editions!

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Oct 102015

Steve Jackson Games Announces Two More Munchkin Guest Artist Editions!

AUSTIN, Texas (October 5, 2015) – Steve Jackson Games’ classic monster-bashing card game Munchkin was released in July 2001. Since then, it’s sold millions of games, expansions, comics, and toys.

Steve Jackson Games has already announced three Guest Artist Editions – Munchkin illustrated by Ian McGinty, Star Munchkin illustrated by Len Peralta, and Munchkin Fu illustrated by John Kovalic – and now we’re ready to announce two more:

·       In June, a new version of Munchkin Cthulhu will crawl out of the depths, illustrated in adorable fashion by Katie Cook.

·       In August, Super Munchkin swoops into stores, illustrated by comic artist Art Baltazar.

“The Guest Artist Editions are new takes on top Munchkin titles, drawn by some of our favorite industry artists!” notes Sam Mitschke, COO of Steve Jackson Games.

About Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Its best-selling game is Munchkin, with almost 7 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide. Other top sellers are GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), Zombie Dice, and Illuminati. Past hits have included Car Wars and Toon. Steve’s very first game, Ogre, originally released in 1977, drew almost a million dollars’ worth of Kickstarter support in 2012 for a super-deluxe edition, which was released in late 2013.

Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans From Portal Games

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Sep 192015

settlrsImperial Settlers: Atlanteans



As time has passed, we have lost record of the rise and fall of the Atlantis, but now, you can replay this ancient legend in Imperial Settlers!


The denizens of Atlantis bring their technology to the world of Imperial Settlers with all new mechanics that change the way you must play the game both as the Atlanteans and against them.

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Darkness Comes Rattling From Wyrd Miniatures

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Sep 172015

darkness comes rattlingDarkness Comes Rattling


When Mother Moon create the sun, she also inadvertently created something twisted: the celestial snake Darkness.


Darkness knew only bitterness and jealousy, hating those things which it did not have. In its jealousy, it rose up and swallowed the sun, plunging the world into a perpetual twilight. It is now up to the heroes of the Tribes of Man to gather the lost spirit weapons and hunt down the great snake in order to save the sun and their world.

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Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon from Ares Games

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Sep 102015

odysseyOdyssey: Wrath of Poseidon



The war is over, and your ships are trying to sail back to your homeland after a long absence. To do so, you must beg forgiveness of the wrathful sea god, Poseidon. You need to reach the Sacred Island to make offerings and prayers to the gods…but the irascible Poseidon will use all his powers to prevent you from getting there!


As one of up to four players commanding the Greek ships, you must sail through endless storms, blind to all around you, trying to gather clues to your whereabouts to stay on course.


As Poseidon, you throw powerful storms against the sailors, driving them off-course and confounding them, so they can’t reach the Sacred Island in time.


The game uses two boards, hidden from each other. The Poseidon player uses special tiles to secretly move one or all the ships on his game board, which shows the real position of the ships, giving information to the sailors about what they see around them. The navigators have to guess where they are, moving their ships on their own game board based on their deductions, as they trace their course to the Sacred Island. Multiple game boards enhance replayability; special overlays are included to make the game easier or harder, according to the players’ preferences.


2-5 players

Ages 13+

30+ minute play time



1 Rule book

2 Game boards

1 Punched board

8 Plastic ships

Gloom: Munchkin

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Aug 252015

Gloom: Munchkin



Munchkin Gloom is a stand-alone card game that uses the transparent gameplay of Gloom to bring the world of Munchkin to new depths of despair and misery.


There are plenty of happy people in the world of Munchkin. Warriors who slay monsters, adventurers who grab loot, heroes who level up. Heck, halflings who stay at home eating pie all day. But the world of Munchkin is also sad and benighted. A place where those very same Munchkins are all too often backstabbed by buddies, dined on by dragons, and discovered by doom ducks. Heroes delve too deep, plummet down pits, and lose their loot. And that’s before they die.

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Meet Our New Writer

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Aug 142015


I suppose at the end of the day, tabletop board games are a form of entertainment. They allow us to exercise our minds. They make us smarter and more creative. They allow us to build cities and nations, participate in a revolution or explore the vastness of time and space. They even allow us to lie and cheat and win in grand moments of theater while your friends sit there in awe of your apparently new-found ability to bluff. It’s amazing what a few cards, some cardboard and a few plastic bits can achieve. That is what I love about games. The level of pure, unadulterated, personal interaction and immersion that is possible to achieve through games with relatively simple rules, beautiful artwork and clever mechanics is nowhere to be found in any other form of entertainment. So yes, at the end of the day, tabletop games are simply a form of entertainment, but I can not imagine a better form it could take.

I should introduce myself. My name is Andy and I am very excited to be part of Through Gamer Goggles as board game reviewer. I hope to do as much justice to and the games that I review as I possibly can. I have a many obsessions in my life. This should allow me to effectively vent two of them; board games and writing. I truly hope you guys will enjoy my articles and if you do, you can look forward to hearing from me a lot more often in the future in both written and video form. Please look forward to my first review coming up very soon. The GenCon pre-release
One Night Revolution by Indie Boards and Cards. Thanks guys, and go out there and play some games!


Aug 092015

At Gen Con I had the chance to catch up with Scott Hill from Flying Frog Productions.  We chatted for about an hour so I broke it down into three parts.  This part we talk about the history of the frog, the philosophy of their business model and the story behind their name.

In Part 2 We focus on Shadows of Brimstone.

In Part three we talk about everything else the frog has to offer, Dark Gothic, their approach to game design – standards, and future releases.

I look forward to many great things from the “Frog”.