Box Breaking 184 Munchkin Deluxe

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May 102016

Matt is starting his tribute to Munckin with this Box Breaking of Munchkin Deluxe.  It started them all.

Drink some ale, have some pretzels and level up for the win. Well, it’s not that easy!  Your friends might just be devious enough to steal that level from you.

Words with Cory Kammer on Witchborn

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Jun 162015

Corey Kammer from Witchborn gives us a very in depth overview of the new game Witchborn. Withcborn is a fantasy storytelling game with a level up experience that incorporates an app for random generation.

I think this game shows some promise.  At this point, I’m still intrigued by the game and need more time before I say anything.

Doctor Who in the Review

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Oct 022014

DwhoI have managed to read all of the rules and play two quick games of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space. I haven’t rolled up a character yet, but I’m ready to write my review of the game. I picked up the rules at Origins and I’m glad I did.

The limited edition book is filled with great art. There are several to page pieces that often take your breath away. It is about 250 pages that is filled with background info and mechanics. I would say the the book is balanced for player and GM.  For a stand a lone core book I would say Cubicle 7 did an excellent job compiling everything into a tight space.   This book is not the Tardis – it’s not bigger on the inside.

While I haven’t made a character yet the process looks fairly simple. It’s point based with no random element. Characters have six attributes and 12 skills. Traits to help define the character that are both good and bad. Until I do more with it that’s all I can say.

The Rpg has done a very good job of following the spirit of the television show. It tells a story that often involves conflict but that doesn’t require the hack and slash of other RPG’s. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get into a fist fight; just that the game emphasizes brains over brawn.


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