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Oct 102015

theyThey Come Unseen



Submarines and surface fleets battle for dominance of the seas! One team must use submarines to sneak troops into enemy ports and destroy vital strategic targets, while the other team deploys a surface fleet to hunt down the subs and protect their crucial supply lines.


Designed by retired Royal Navy submarine commander, Andrew Benford, and developed while on patrol, They Come Unseen is an asymmetrical strategy game of bluff and deception that uses two boards, one for action on the surface, seen by both players, and one for movement underwater, only seen by the submarine commanders.


The game also comes with specially designed control panels to help each player track vital information such as fuel, ammunition and current cruising depth.


2-4 players

Ages 10+

1 hour play time



2 Submarine pieces & dashboards

2 Destroyer pieces & dashboards

3 Logistics ships

2 Sonar arcs

1 Large playing board

1 Deep Board

1 Playing screens

1 Ice station cards

12 Mortar Bomb pieces

1 Punchboard counters & player aids

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