Con on the Cob Seminar D Infinity Magazine

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Oct 212011

D Infinity Magazine

This is a seminar Mike Varhola (Guest of Honor) did on the magazine concept that is D Infinity Magazine.


It is good for both gamers and industry professionals.


I apologize for being late to the event- the first 2 minutes or so is missing.  It isOK though we discuss a lot of it again in the interview with Mike.

Coblin Player

I will include a review if D Infinity as soon as I get my copy back.



Con on the Cob Interviews Part 2 Don Goddard

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Oct 212011

Part 2 Con on the Cob Interviews Don Goddard

A Sculptor Breaking in the Mold


Don’s Interview will pretty much cover these points.

  • Brief history
  • How he started.
  • Short bit on some of the putties used in the industry.
  • Black Orc Games – Resume tool.
  • Where to start if you want to sculpt.
  • Where and how to find books on the  topic .
  • Where you can find his work.
  • Toys for Tots – Charity works and the possible future.
  • What he might do different if he had to start over.
  • Why artists names are starting to turn up with their work.
  • His approach to approaching the industry.
  • Answer to easy money in the industry – ethics involved on your part.
  • Historicon

Coblin Player

Don can be found on facebook.

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Oct 212011

Interviews from Con on the Cob 2011


Well, after a long week with a lot of mishaps and things getting in the way of production. We have managed to finish the interviews from Con on the Cob 2011.  I will be posting these throughout the day and into tomorrow.   So with no more time wasted here is our first.



Heather Kreiter


The interview covers these basic points

  • Brief Bio
  • Work history
  • What is it like working with AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)
  • How she researches projects
  • Favorite Works
  • Favorite recipe
  • Here influence on the industry and her ambitions

Coblin Player

Heather can be found facebook and at Shaman Souls Studio.   





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Sorry Gamers

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Oct 182011

Sorry about that we had to make a server move and it wasn’t as nice as we would have liked.


We are back now. Well mostly, our emails are still down should be fixed tonight.



Tomorrow look for some Con on the Cob interviews

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Wow What a weekend Con on the Cob and an Anniversary

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Oct 162011

Wow, this was a busy weekend.   Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Con on the Cob (CotC) was in Hudson Ohio.  Besides that my parents had there 50th anniversary.   Here is a quick bulletin of how it panned out.

  • Thursday and Friday guest interviews.
  • Saturday  50th anniversary back to CotC  to hear some bands and take in some of the parties.
  • Sunday hang out with mom and dad.  then head over to CotC for a couple more interviews.


We will have continued coverage of the con popping up on the blog as we edit the audio files this week and as they are approved bye the guests.

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Con on the Cob

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Oct 142011

Well the first day of Con on The Cob is done.

I am quite surprised at how cool this game convention is.  It packs a lot of surprises.

  • Armie Swekel
  • Mike Varhola
  • Sandra Garity  and more which we will cover in more detail later.

Everyone is jovial and willing to talk.


I hope to satr bringing you interviews tomorrow from the con.

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