Box Breaking 88 GF9 Qesnef from Gale Force 9

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Jan 302014

QesnefIn this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the Gale Force 9 miniature Qesnef for Dungeons and Dragons.  The Qesnef box has two models the ogre mage and the halfling.



Check out the line of D&D minis at GF9

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Dead of Winter from Plaid Hat Games

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Jan 262014

Dead of WinterDead of Winter



Dead of Winter is an experience that can only be accomplished through the medium of tabletop games. It is a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies, and keep the colony’s morale up.


Dead of Winter has players making frequent, difficult, heavily-thematic, wildly-varying decisions, that often have them deciding between what is best for the colony and what is best for themselves.


2-5 players

Ages 13+

60-90 minute play time

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Captains of Industry from Tasty Minstrel Games

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Jan 252014

Captains of Industry



Use your best business acumen to come out on top and show the world that you are a true Captain of Industry!


As a captain of industry in the suitably titled game Captains of Industry, you will vie for domination in the cutthroat arena of the marketplace. To do this, you will:


-Build facilities to control supply.

– Develop real estate to manipulate demand.

-Invest in technology to increase efficiency.

-Complete hidden agendas to secure your legacy.

-Undercut the competition to dominate the marketplace!


You will depend on your opponents to fuel your expansion as they exploit your production for theirs. Supply and demand are king in this player-driven marketplace!


3-5 players

Ages 13+


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End of Empire: 1744-1783

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Jan 242014

end of empire1End of Empire: 1744-1783



End of Empires: 1744-1783 is a two player game covering the three great conflicts fought on the North American continent between 1744 and 1783: King George’s War, sometimes known as the Old French War, which was part of the War of the Austrian Succession), the French and Indian War, part of the Seven Years War (known in England as the Great War for Empire), and the American Revolutionary War. The French and Indian War ended the French Empire in Canada; the American Revolution ended the British Empire in the 13 American colonies.


Each End of Empire game turn represents two months’ time. Each year consists of one spring turn, two summer turns, one fall turn, and two winter turns. Each hex is approximately 20 miles across. Units are mostly regiments but a few represent other sizes, each step represents approximately 250 men.


End of Empire features two maps showing eastern North America. Each hex or town contains natural and/or man-made features that can affect the movement of units and the combat between units.


End of Empire is an Epic game and perhaps the most detailed coverage of the critical period that saw the Empires of England, France, and Spain exit North America and the rise of the United States of America. With thirteen (yes, 13) scenarios, End of Empire represents plenty of value for your gaming dollar.



Two 22 x 34 inch maps

Four countersheets (9/16” size)

One rulebook

One scenario book

Multiple reference cards

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Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings Limited Edition

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Jan 232014

Love LetterLove Letter: Legend of the Five Rings Limited Edition

$10.99 SRP


A vision of loveliness and poise, Iweko Miaka’s position of princess in the Imperial family ensures her betrothal will be a great contest for the samurai clans of the Emerald Empire. Whichever clan can win her as a wife for one of their young samurai will secure standing and glory for decades to come. And though the marriage may be political, what better way to influence the decision than by wining the heart of the princess herself?


Love Letter has been a worldwide sensation in gaming. This elegant and simple design by Japanese game designer Seiji Kanai features only 16 cards but hours of fun!



16 game cards

4 reference cards

13 tokens of affection

1 green velvet bag, embroidered with Love Letter and L5R Rings in Gold!


2-4 players

Ages 10+

20 minute play time

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The Half-Dead City an adventure from Paizo releasing next month

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Jan 232014

half dead cityThe Half-Dead City



The Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path begins with “The Half-Dead City,” an exciting new adventure in the pyramid-laden realm of Osirion, Land of Pharaohs!


In Wati, the half city, the church of Pharasma holds a lottery allowing explorers to delve the tombs of the city’s vast necropolis in search of the nation’s lost glories. In the course of investigating dusty tombs and fighting their ancient guardians and devious traps, the heroes encounter a rival adventuring group intent on keeping one tomb’s treasures for themselves. At the same time, the heroes learn that a potent artifact, potentially capable of animating the dead, has been stolen from the tomb. Can the adventurers defeat their rivals, or will they join the undead defenders of the city’s necropolis?


“The Half-Dead City” is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 1st-level characters, and the perfect jumping-on point for new players or experienced gamers looking to begin a new campaign. This volume kicks off the new Mummy’s Mask Adventure Path, and includes a double-sized gazetteer of the city of Wati and several monsters suitable for any desert-themed campaign. Author Amber E. Scott launches a new Pathfinder Journal in this exciting volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path.

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Jan 222014

RotRLIn this episode Matt takes a look the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  It has universally been nominated as 2013’s game of the year by more than one reviewer.  Take a look at the contents of this box.  Then join us for the written review soon.



Until next time, be safe.

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King Arthur Myths And Legends Review

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Jan 222014

king arthurKing Arthur is part of the Myths and Legends series published by Osprey Publishing.

Written by Daniel Mersey and Illustrated by Alan Lathwell.


The book is what you you would expect from Osprey.  That is it has a good binding, high test paper, and excellent art through all 80 pages of the book.


I think Daniel does an excellent job of bringing the myth of Arthurian legend into perspective. He takes the reader on a journey through Arthurian history, while showing the potential for the characters existence. He starts with the Medieval model, made popular by Hollywood, then moves to the Celtic model, and finishes up with the historic model. Daniel takes the immense history of Arthur and gives his reader and entertaining and factual presentation.

When I first started reading King Arthur, I was wondering what I would learn. I Always knew there was more to Arthur than I knew. It wasn’t long before I found that the book was difficult to put down. For about a week it became an addiction. When It was all said and down I had learned that Arthur has a lot more to him than I ever knew. Daniel goes into great detail about the stories that form Arthur’s legend. Without spoiling his book, Daniel does an excellent job of talking about the written and narrative history of King Arthur. Some of the more interesting, things to me, were; the accuracy of the legend as it spanned cultures; there are “giants” in the legend, and it may date back to maybe 175 A.D.

To finish out the book Daniel offers up cases that go against the theories of Arthur.

I found the book to be a very good read. I am looking forward to the rest of the Myths And Legends series.

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Star Wars X-Wing: Tantive IV From FFG in Febuary

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Jan 222014


Star Wars  X-Wing: Tantive IV


$89.95 SRP






The iconic Corellian CR90 comes to life in X-Wing with the Tantive IV Expansion Pack!




Featuring one huge, pre-painted CR90 miniature, its maneuver dial, plus all the cards and tokens that you need to field it, the Tantive IV Expansion Pack adds fantastic depth to the game’s Cinematic Play and its massive, new Epic Play format.




Moreover, rules for “energy” fuel your shields and weapons, and a new maneuver template ensure that the Tantive IV fights and flies in a manner as epic as the ship deserves!


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The latest Novel from Wizards of the Coast the Reaver

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Jan 172014

the reaverForgotten Realms: S3: The Reaver (Hardcover novel)

$27.95 SRP



Endless, pounding rain afflict the Sea of Fallen Stars and the coastal regions surrounding it. Harvests are failing, travel and trade are disrupted, and civilized forces are giving way to the deluges caused by the storms. In panic and despair, many have turned to the goddess Umberlee, Queen of the Deeps, offering her sacrifices with hope that they will be spared the inevitable reckoning of her perpetual tempest. The Reaver follows the story of Anton Marivaldi as these events of the Sundering unfold!


336 pages, Hardcover

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