Box Breaking Alkemy Aurlok Thunder Warriors

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Jan 312012

Matt busts open a box of Thunder Warriors for the  Alkemy game line from Studio 38.



If you have questions feel free to contact  You can always ask us – we will find the right answer for you.

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Legend of the Five Rings is Free to Play

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Jan 302012

From Alderac Entertainment:


In the links below, you can learn all about Legend of the Five Rings, and find links to the rulebook, and NINE fully playable printable decks, one for each Clan.  And these are not cheap beginner decks, these have rares and were designed to hold their own at tournaments! 

Check out the flyer explaining the free cards at 

You can use them to play with friends, play in official tournaments (they are acceptable through March), or add to your War of Honor games.  Not only are these decks available, you can download and print the ENTIRE Emperor Edition base set at  if you want to tweak the contents of your deck as you become better at the game!

A few notes for the new players:
– “Kolat Edition” is our name for the free version of Emperor Edition, as you learn more about the story, you will learn why the dastardly Kolat are giving away our product for free…
– You will need two sets of opaque sleeves and some playing cards to “back” these printouts with, to give them some weight when playing.

We appreciate your time in telling the world about this release. Please feel free to pass this PDF on to anyone who might be interested!

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New for Colonial Gothic in February

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Jan 302012

Colonial Gothic: The Grimoire

Magic is a Force of Nature, whose Secrets all may uncover with Time and Wisdom. Yet Magic is also a Danger to those unwilling to treat it with the Respect such a Force deserves. Despite the Danger, some still dare to take up the Study of Magic and to use its Power. Even in this Modern Age, new Discoveries are made about the Workings of Magic. New Insights reveal Power many deemed impossible. Those Discoveries can be found here: spells, witchcraft, talismans, & relics.







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Ninja Board Game Review

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Jan 282012

The ninja Board Game is a suspenseful and captivating experience every time.  I find an excellent balance between hidden (Ninja,Traitor, hand), revealed (events in game), and seen (Guards).   Basic objectives is to find the ninja and traitor accomplish your objectives and escape.  The cards are what you use to perform actions and duel.  The three create a pseudo-political tension that requires a certain degree of critical thought that isn’t found in many other games.  Ninja captures the tension  of being an assassin or a samurai in feudal Japan even though the game is set in the Legend of the Five Rings world.

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Matt’s Dark Ascension Picks

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Jan 282012

Wow! It is that time already another Magic Prerelease is upon us.  I am sorry for not doing this sooner, but I have been busy making some videos for the blog and trying to pay for life.  So Dark Ascension is what we are going to talk about.  Specifically my picks.  Since this is my second ever set review I am trying to be different.   my reviews will always differ from the other guys because I am a both competitive and casual and a judge.   I tend to look at a set and say wow this is cool or this really stands out for this deck.   What you won’t get from this is the best draft picks, or replacement cards in deck types.  What you will get is a broader selection.  I don’t care about only the competitive end of the game.


With that said I am going to take a different approach this time.  Since, Dark Ascension is only 150 cards I ma cutting my selection to only 3 cards per color one common, an uncommon, and a rare.  Starting with black.


I think the best three cards in black are GravePurge,  Wakedancer, and GraveCrawler.



Because putting a card(s) on top of your library from your graveyard and drawing it is cool. The fact that it is an instant makes it really good.



She has all the synergy you want in a card.  Cheap to play and a good ability.


What can I say undead should always be played from the graveyard

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World Conquerors From Gorilla Games in February

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Jan 282012

World Conquerors

$ 39.95 SRP

Throw dice and have your armies roll across the map. Play cards to change the tide of the battle and the course of history. This simple board game of global conquest plays fast and fun with tactical texture and flavor provided by cards featuring history’s greatest warlords. Contents 22×17” mounted mapboard 100 cubes (25 in each of 4 colors) 8 pawns (2 in each of 4 colors) 50 card conqueror deck 6 dice 8 page rulebook 10 clear glass beads 10 black glass beads


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New from Mayday Games Lemonade Stand Coming in April

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Jan 272012

Ahhhh… it’s a hot lazy summer in your little suburb of the world and you’re eleven years old again! You’ve played with your friends and explored on your bike and you’re old enough to get excited by the prospects of earning some money. You’ve got $0.25 burning a hole in your pocket and your mom even offers to give you a shiny silver dollar to invest in your scheme. You’re starting a lemonade stand! You’ve got just one week until the 4th of July and you want to earn as much as possible to blow all of your profits on smoke bombs, bottle rockets and even some M-80s this year!

Of course some of your friends are copying your idea, why do they always do that? It is going to be an epic battle for bragging rights and fireworks as you compete with one another to see who will have the most money at the end of the week!

The game is played in 7 turns (days) and each turn players start out by turning over a forecast card which shows the weather forecast for the day along with number of customers and the price they will be willing to pay for each possible weather outcome. Players then place a 5, 10 or 15 cent price card down along with any signs or lemonade inventory they want to put out, all face down. All players reveal their cards at the same time and then a new forecast card is revealed which has an arrow pointing to one of five spots on the old forecast card, which determines which weather event occurred. Each player then collects money based on their price and # of glasses of lemonade invested versus the actual weather that happened.

Money is gained or lost and play continues for 7 rounds. Most money wins!

Jan 272012

Matt Busts open the Aurlok Nation starter for Alkemy


You can view new products here Studio 38

Game question email here




Check back soon for more Alkemy info.   After our first read of the rules the game looks good.   We only have a couple of concerns- and we will have to figure them out as we play.

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Box Breaking Alkemy Khaliman Starter

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Jan 272012

In this Box Breaking Matt opens the Khaliman starter for Alkemy.



If you have question you can ask them here contact at

Also The Studio 38 Website will view-able in English soon.

Wu Xing: Land of Seed and Blossom

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Jan 272012

The Izou Empire has occupied the Land of Seed and Blossom for 400 years, and the Blossom people have been powerless to fight back. The nation is peaceful by nature, but the years of oppression and atrocities upon its people have become too much. The rumble of dissent has begun; This is the time! Prepare for the Uprising The Land of Seed and Blossom is the first sourcebook for Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade that focuses on one of the Five Kingdoms. Explore a new nation full of its own traditions and a heritage completely unlike the Izou Empire. Take control of ninja from seven new ninja clans that rule the Land of Seed and Blossom as they spark an Uprising against an occupying force. This Book Includes: – Get the full strategy behind the Blossom ninja’s fledgling Uprising against the Izou Empire – Detailed breakdowns of each province, including important landmarks and cities – Seven brand new clans native to the Land of Seed and Blossom, like the Splendid Chameleons and Crystal Bearers, each with its own unique wushu path. – New Adventure included!

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