Jan 302012

From Alderac Entertainment:


In the links below, you can learn all about Legend of the Five Rings, and find links to the rulebook, and NINE fully playable printable decks, one for each Clan.  And these are not cheap beginner decks, these have rares and were designed to hold their own at tournaments! 

Check out the flyer explaining the free cards at http://www.l5r.com/images/L5R-FREE-Decks-Flyer.pdf 

You can use them to play with friends, play in official tournaments (they are acceptable through March), or add to your War of Honor games.  Not only are these decks available, you can download and print the ENTIRE Emperor Edition base set at http://www.l5r.com/news/kolat-edition-pdf-available/  if you want to tweak the contents of your deck as you become better at the game!

A few notes for the new players:
– “Kolat Edition” is our name for the free version of Emperor Edition, as you learn more about the story, you will learn why the dastardly Kolat are giving away our product for free…
– You will need two sets of opaque sleeves and some playing cards to “back” these printouts with, to give them some weight when playing.

We appreciate your time in telling the world about this release. Please feel free to pass this PDF on to anyone who might be interested!

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