Jan 282012

Wow! It is that time already another Magic Prerelease is upon us.  I am sorry for not doing this sooner, but I have been busy making some videos for the blog and trying to pay for life.  So Dark Ascension is what we are going to talk about.  Specifically my picks.  Since this is my second ever set review I am trying to be different.   my reviews will always differ from the other guys because I am a both competitive and casual and a judge.   I tend to look at a set and say wow this is cool or this really stands out for this deck.   What you won’t get from this is the best draft picks, or replacement cards in deck types.  What you will get is a broader selection.  I don’t care about only the competitive end of the game.


With that said I am going to take a different approach this time.  Since, Dark Ascension is only 150 cards I ma cutting my selection to only 3 cards per color one common, an uncommon, and a rare.  Starting with black.


I think the best three cards in black are GravePurge,  Wakedancer, and GraveCrawler.



Because putting a card(s) on top of your library from your graveyard and drawing it is cool. The fact that it is an instant makes it really good.



She has all the synergy you want in a card.  Cheap to play and a good ability.


What can I say undead should always be played from the graveyard



Shriek Giest

A flying Millstone for 2.  I don’t think he is going to see any competitive play but he will be a lot of fun in limited.

Chill of Forboding

Another mill card,  I am just happy there is so much of it.  It may open the doors for deck building some rogue decks.

Increasing Confusion

It seems that milling cards is the blue theme in Dark Ascension.  Another card that won’t see tons of play, but I am fond of cards that might bring back enchantress.  So this is here for the hoping.


Crushing Vimes

Instant and destructive.   having another way to get rid of an artifact is always good.

StrangleRoot Geist

A 2/1 with hast and undying for 2 is more than OK in my book.

Predator Ooze

I think this might just be the best creature in Dark Ascension. Indestructible and he grows.  I don’t think three mana is too much.



Faithless looting.   Card draw is always a good thing and I ma glad to see some in red.

Burning oil

This is easily reds best burn in the expansion.

Increasing Vengeance

While red does’nt have a big need for this deck I can see it going into a lot of casual decks



Loyal Cathar/Unhallowed cathar

He is awesome 2/2 vigilance that comes back when he dies.  I have a home for him in a deck already.

Faiths Shield

I believe this will be an awesome sideboard card.  I can’t count the games I have lost because i didn’t have pro red.

Requiem Angel

This chic has a home in one of my decks already.  besides I am fond of angels.   She isn’t better than Thalia Guardian of thraben, but she is still my pick.


Check back next week when we talk about how some of these cards might see play in T2.


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