Uncharted Seas June Releases for Spartan Games

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Jun 092012

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser (1 model per blister)

The design of the Imperial Navy vessels is classical. The Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser is a majestic galleon that gracefully traverses the seas with its huge sails bulging in the wind and its mighty black powder cannons claiming victims on the horizon


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June Releases for Firestorm Armada

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Jun 082012

Firestorm Armada Hardback Edition Master Rulebook

A complete list of stats, background stories, imagery… The Hardback Edition Master Rulebook has everything! This updated edition features the established core rules presented in a clear and concise fashion. It includes the latest errata and streamlined rules for Game Set-up, Terrain, Boarding and Wings. The opportunity has also been taken to include new photography, diagrams and illustrations throughout the book, complete with Fleet Lists for each nation and the current Firestorm Armada MARs; the perfect way to begin your campaign of terror in the Storm Zone!

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Dystopian Wars June releases

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Jun 082012

Campaign Book: Hurricane Season


The first Campaign Book for Dystopian Wars is a 128 full colour hardback book that details the bitter struggle between the Federated States of America and the Empire of the Blazing Sun. With the involvement of the Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire and Covenant of Antarctica, this is a titanic struggle! Hurricane Season is fully-illustrated and provides a series of exciting scenarios for you to play, detailing major actions in the campaign. The Covenant of Antarctica rules and Stats are included along with new rules for National Fleet Commodores, Amphibious Landings, Deployment Orders and more.


Large Landing Barge (1 model per blister)

Amphibious warfare comes to Dystopian Wars! To help you link your naval and armoured fleets, we bring you the Large Landing Barge, capable of transporting any unit from an Armoured Battle Group boxed set across the sea.


Landing Platforms and Small Landing Barge Set (9 models per blister)

Moving from island to island can be a dangerous process. However, Landing Platforms add further amphibious capability to your armoured units and another exciting element to your gaming table. Small Landing Barges are perfect for assaulting secondary targets.

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May releases from Spartan Games

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Apr 262012

Republique of France Marseille Class Cruiser (3 models per blister)
A fierce patriotic pride burns bright in the heart of every naval commander in charge of this technologically advanced skimming vessel. The Marseille Class Cruiser is a hardy ship whose enduring qualities will inspire the Republique of France to victory.







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