Jun 092012

Imperial Human Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser (1 model per blister)

The design of the Imperial Navy vessels is classical. The Kingfisher Class Heavy Cruiser is a majestic galleon that gracefully traverses the seas with its huge sails bulging in the wind and its mighty black powder cannons claiming victims on the horizon



Iron Dwarves Citadel Armoured Walls

The Iron Dwarves Citadel Armoured Walls is a deadly superstructure of extraordinary size. The endless walls of hardy stone are built to outlast any onslaught imposed upon it. It is also an offensive powerhouse; combine the structure with your Guardian Class Floating Citadels and you can unleash a frightening amount of linked fire.



The Uncharted Seas Floating Trader Town

The enchanting Floating Trader Town is a magnificent sight that could bring good fortune to those travelling the treacherous Uncharted Seas. A hub for all kinds of sinister operations, it acts as a meeting point where alliances are forged, double-crosses are premeditated, and commercial ties are bound or severed.



 Dragon Lords Nogdra Dragons

Swooping into battle are the ferocious Nogdra Dragons. The Dragon Lords have enjoyed a dominant position in The Uncharted Seas for many centuries, and the Nogdra Dragons serve to symbolise this enviable status. The Nogdra Dragons are also included in the Eyrie Class Dragon Carrier.

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