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Republique of France Marseille Class Cruiser (3 models per blister)
A fierce patriotic pride burns bright in the heart of every naval commander in charge of this technologically advanced skimming vessel. The Marseille Class Cruiser is a hardy ship whose enduring qualities will inspire the Republique of France to victory.







Republique of France Tiny Flyer Tokens (30 models per blister)

Fast, furious and unrelenting, the Republique of France Tiny Flyers are crewed by dedicated pilots able to use their training to protect the larger vessels in a Fleet from boarding assaults. No opposing commander ignores them twice.






Republique of France Tourbillon Class Large Airship (1 model per blister)
The aftermath of the Great European War saw France battered and war-weary. However, desperate times bring out the best in the Republique of France. Development of the Tourbillon Class Large Airship is a shrine to the efforts they exert to restore their former glory.





Republique of France Tower Set (2 models per blister)
Grand, stylish, unforgiving are all apt descriptions of the aesthetic looks and lethal capabilities of the Republique of France Tower Set. The standard load-outs are all available, along with the nation specific Mortar Tower.






Republique of France Bunker Complex (1 model per blister)
It is easy to envision the resurgence of the Republique of France as a great power when you set your eyes on this masterpiece. With awesome offensive and defensive capabilities, and vastly armoured walls, the Bunker Complex is a force to be reckoned with.





Republique of France Vauban Class HQ Sky Fortress (1 model per blister)

No other Nation has access to an HQ Sky Fortress. The intimidating shadow it casts across a battlefield has been known to strike fear into lesser foes. The commanders of the Vauban use the uniqueness of their vessel to catch their opponents off guard and lead their glorious Nation to victory!






The Uncharted Seas Revised Second Edition Master Rulebook (Hardback)
The improvements made to The Uncharted Seas Revised Second Edition Master Rulebook are evident right from the offset, as it comes to you in hardback with new, stunning cover artwork to get you immediately drawn into this explosive fantasy naval combat game. The most obvious change, once inside the Master Rulebook, is the array of new photography included which illustrates our magnificent digitally-sculpted models. Also included are new diagrams and the latest errata and clarifications, bringing you completely up-to-date with the current game.


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