Jul 182013




Terrier IroncladDL: Britannia: Terrier Ironclad

$75.00 SRP

Striking a balance between speed, durability and firepower, the Terrier Ironclad is the perfect expansion to a Kingdom of Britannia force. Able to engage any opponent whilst weathering all but the heaviest attacks, the Terrier provides a steadfast iron anchor for the Britannian gun line. Any foe foolish enough to approach the Terrier head on will be blasted by its relentless 122-Pdr Gun, whilst the sponson mounted AT Rifles deter any attempted flanking assaults. As well as this devastating array of firepower, the Terrier holds a powerful shield generator within its hull – a sparking energy field to disrupt incoming fire.

Models unpainted and unassembled.


Black Watch Infantry (5)DL: Britannia: Black Watch Infantry (5)

$24.00 SRP

 Resplendent in the traditional kilts and tartan that are their regimental heritage, the Black Watch are a striking sight on the battlefield. Trained to the same exacting standards of musketry as all Britannian Rifle Regiments, the Black Watch also have a notable proficiency in close-quarter combat. With a list of battle honors as impressive as it is intimidating, the elite Black Watch are famed as some of Britannia’s finest fighting soldiers.

Models unpainted and unassembled.



Landwehr Infantry Section (5)DL: Prussian Empire: Landwehr Infantry Section (5)

$24.00 SRP

The Prussian Empire has a long standing tradition of compulsory conscription and, in times of war, the Landwehr are raised in great numbers to defend their homes and the Emperor’s territories. These valiant soldiers are not to be underestimated, for while they lack the experience of the crack Grenadier Regiments, they compensate with zeal and dedication. When well commanded, they are more than equal to anything the enemy can throw at them.

Models unpainted and unassembled.



Sun Ke-Ho IroncladDL: Empire of the Blazing Sun: Sun Ke-Ho Ironclad

$102.00 SRP

Fast, tough and deadly from every angle, the Ke-Ho Ironclad’s unconventional design in no way hampers its capacity for destruction. Often seen speeding forward amidst a spearhead of Kote Armored Transports, the Ke-Ho’s unique mechanisms keep it operating efficiently even after sustaining heavy damage, ensuring that its brutal firepower will never cease.

Whether laying down smoke screens to cover the advancing Infantry, picking off Tankettes with bursts from its sponson mounted weaponry, or bearing down on the enemy with its wide-mouthed cannon, the Ke-Ho is both the shield and the sword of the Divine Empress’ armies.

Models unpainted and unassembled.



mperial Rifles Infantry Section (5)DL: Empire of the Blazing Sun: Imperial Rifles Infantry Section (5)

$24.00 SRP

Markedly distinct from the fearsome Ashigaru and garbed in crisply-cut uniforms, the Imperial Rifles are a model of discipline and modern precision. However, their heritage has not been forgotten for they are armed with a modernized Teppo, a powerful, long-ranged rifle descended from the early Tanegashima firelocks. On the field, the Imperial Rifles support the advance of their Ashigaru brethren with volley after devastating volley from their arrow-straight firing lines.

Models unpainted and unassembled.



Armored Infantry Section (5)DL: Federated States of America: Armored Infantry Section (5)

$24.00 SRP

Heavily protected against conventional munitions and even deadly gas weaponry, the Armored Infantry Regiments have earned a fearsome reputation across the world as elite shock troops. Often sent barreling deep into enemy lines secure within a Patriot, they emerge to storm the strongest of redoubts with their state-of-the-art Automatic Carbines. Once entrenched, there is little that can displace these tough and resolute soldiers from a valued position.

Models unpainted and unassembled.

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March Firestorm Armada Releases

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Mar 102013

FAZR01 Zenian League RSN Starter Fleet
As one of the most popular Alliance Nations, the Zenian League RSN now makes its appearance as a Starter Fleet. Inside this bundle you get 1 x Battleship, 3 x Cruisers and 6 x Frigates. The models are a combination of pewter and resin and you also get Statistic Cards and 10 x Acrylic Flight Stands. Please Note: This Starter Fleet comes in a large blister and is not boxed.





FAEX02 TA-4 Star Port
Originally designed by the Terran Alliance, this superb feat of space engineering has stood the test of time. With its four hanger bays and lethal weapon systems a Star Fort is an excellent addition to any Firestorm Armada fleet. The model is also an ideal addition to scenario and campaign settings, acting as a perfect victory objective.





FAEX03 Geminon Class Repair Station
The Geminon Repair Station acts as a hub for space-based ship repairs and can be fielded by any race. Prolific in its use across the galaxy, the toughness of this installation, which is commonly fielded in the middle of combat zones, is respected by ship commanders.



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Mar 062013

DLKB24 Kingdom of Britannia General Conveyor
Its armour plates offer solid protection from all angles, allowing the Britannian line to churn forward in an implacable advance, heedless of enemy fire. A common tactic is to outfit Infantry Sections with Ricardo Flamethrower Specialists and mount them in a General Conveyor. They can then advance well forward of the Britannian line whilst relatively safe from the enemy, before letting rip with their flamethrowers and supporting rifle fire at point blank range.



DLPE24 Prussian Empire Sturmwagen APC
A charge by the fearsome Prussian Grenadiers, complete with sparking Tesla-Bayonets and close range Vierling fire is a morale-shattering hammer blow for the Empire’s enemies. Prussian Commanders know that there is no better way to make sure this charge will hit home than to mount the Grenadiers in Sturmwagen APCs.






DLFS24 Federated States of America Patriot Armoured Carrier
Fast flanking manoeuvres by Treadbike outriders are often accompanied by the distinctive silhouette of the Patriot Armoured Carrier. Balancing speed, manoeuvrability and armour, the Patriot forms a solid core to any flanking action. The addition of a powerful Orlington Turret makes it more akin to a light tank that the personnel carriers of the other nations.



DLBS24 Empire of the Blazing Sun Kote Armoured Carrier
When they need to cross open ground at speed, often to mount a blitz assault on a defended position, Blazing Sun Commanders will transport their Ashigaru in lightning fast Kote vehicles. As highlighted by its sleeker frame, large, tracked drive wheels and smoke belching stacks, the Kote favours speed over heavy armour. The roofless design even allows the Ashigaru to fire on the move, whilst remaining in heavy cover.

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Dystopian Legions Rules Download

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Oct 272012

Well have you been wondering about Dystopian Legions?  Well think no more, read instead.


From Spartan Games

“The Dystopian Legions 80 page Quick Play rulebook, which is included in every starter set, is now available to download from the Spartan Games website. It covers all areas of the game mechanics you will need to play a full game of Dystopian Legions, along with descriptive examples and colour diagrams to aid understanding. It can be used as a step-by-step guide, taking you from building your forces and setting up your Game Board, through each phase of a Turn Sequence, and how to work out who has won once the game is over.


So if you’ve ordered Dystopian Legions already why not have an early look before your stock arrives? And if you’re still wondering if Dystopian Legions is right for you, or if it will live up to the success of Dystopian Wars, here’s a chance to judge for yourself:”

Dystopian Legions Download 

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November Dystopian Wars Releases from Spartan Games

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Oct 082012

Well our friends at Spartan Games have another action packed us gamers.  Do they sleep over there?   How many of Santa’s elves did they steal?

DWAL05 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Zamiec Class Sky Fortress
The armed forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are known for their unparalleled battle skill and courage. Long years of warfare have honed the Commonwealth Hussar Legions into veteran fighting units capable of facing off against all an enemy can throw at them. The Zamiec Class Sky Fortress’ breathtaking stature makes it instantly iconic in the world of Dystopian Wars.






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Dystopian Legions is almost here

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Oct 022012

The Press release from Spartan Games

Further to the Dystopian Legions launch email, I attach JPG images that show the starter box contents. More images will follow in the coming weeks as we build towards launch. The consolidated lists of the contents of each box are (attached as text file also):


Empire of the Blazing Sun

1 x Character Figure

1 x Officer

1 x Rocket Launcher

7 x Ashigaru Infantry

3 x Shinobi

– Also included are a deck of 26 Game Cards, 24 Dice, Measuring Ruler, Plastic Bases, Token Sheet, Section Activation Cards and a printed version of the Quickplay Rules.


Federated States of America

1 x Character Figure

1 x Officer

1 x Sergeant

1 x Light Machine Gun

6 x Federal Infantry

2 x Buffalo Hunter

2 x Scouts

– Also included are a deck of 26 Game Cards, 24 Dice, Measuring Ruler, Plastic Bases, Token Sheet, Section Activation Cards and a printed version of the Quickplay Rules.


Kingdom of Britannia

1 x Character Figure

1 x Officer

1 x Sergeant

1 x Flamethrower Specialist

6 x Line Infantry

4 x Sky Hussars (plus resin flight plumes)

– Also included are a deck of 26 Game Cards, 24 Dice, Plastic Bases, Measuring Ruler, Plastic Bases, Token Sheet, Section Activation Cards and a printed version of the Quickplay Rules.


Prussian Empire

1 x Character Figure

1 x Officer

1 x Sergeant

1 x Verling

6 x Grenadiers

2 x Teutonic Knights

– Also included are a deck of 26 Game Cards, 24 Dice, Measuring Ruler, Plastic Bases, Token Sheet, Section Activation Cards and a printed version of the Quickplay Rules.


Please note also:

– All infantry boxes have 6 basic infantry poses

– All Section Upgrade boxes, eg. medic, have 2 poses of the figure type


I also attach an updated Kingdom Of Britannia document; a couple of the infantry renders have been corrected. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience.


Kind regards




Spartan Games

“Let the games begin…”


Well if that isn’t enough here are the pics

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Dystopian Wars September Releases

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Sep 122012

The Boys from Spartan Games are at again here are their latest releases.

DWCB02 Campaign Book: Storm of Steel
Invasion and retaliation shake the great powers and their allies as the World War explodes in Northern Europe! Storm of Steel is the second Campaign Book for Dystopian Wars and within its pages we massively develop the history of the world, play out military campaigns, expand on the great commanders of the period, offer exciting scenarios and provide new game rules to enhance the current rule set. It is a must for all military commanders.


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Box Breaking Terran Alliance Starter

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Aug 062012

In this Box Breaking David busts open the Terran Alliance Starter for Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games.  David has had a lot of fun destroying fleets with his Terrans so he just wants to share.



Thanks for watching.  David is very excited that we are starting to cover the Spartan Games lines.  Coverage may seem to be sporadic at  first but it will pick up soon.



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Dystopian Wars August Releases

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Jul 272012

Russian Coalition Borodino Class Battleship (1)

Bristling with turrets and broadsides, the Borodino Class Battleship is a truly fearsome vessel. Its ablative armour plating forms a hulking tiered formation that gives this ship an intimidating profile. With the ability to absorb withering hails of fire, this industrial nightmare will forever haunt the ambitions of anyone who dares cross the path of the Russian Coalition.





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Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide

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Jul 272012

Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide 1: Marauders of the Rift

Marauders, pirates, raiders, corsairs, call them what you will, this full colour Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide delivers to you page-after-page of thrilling information to take your space combat games to a new level. Six new factions are introduced, including the audacious Oroshan Imperium, along with statistics for numerous space vehicles, mercenary fleets, new in-game mechanics, a full campaign background and tabletop scenarios for you to game.