Oct 272012

Well have you been wondering about Dystopian Legions?  Well think no more, read instead.


From Spartan Games

“The Dystopian Legions 80 page Quick Play rulebook, which is included in every starter set, is now available to download from the Spartan Games website. It covers all areas of the game mechanics you will need to play a full game of Dystopian Legions, along with descriptive examples and colour diagrams to aid understanding. It can be used as a step-by-step guide, taking you from building your forces and setting up your Game Board, through each phase of a Turn Sequence, and how to work out who has won once the game is over.


So if you’ve ordered Dystopian Legions already why not have an early look before your stock arrives? And if you’re still wondering if Dystopian Legions is right for you, or if it will live up to the success of Dystopian Wars, here’s a chance to judge for yourself:”

Dystopian Legions Download 

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