Mar 062013

DLKB24 Kingdom of Britannia General Conveyor
Its armour plates offer solid protection from all angles, allowing the Britannian line to churn forward in an implacable advance, heedless of enemy fire. A common tactic is to outfit Infantry Sections with Ricardo Flamethrower Specialists and mount them in a General Conveyor. They can then advance well forward of the Britannian line whilst relatively safe from the enemy, before letting rip with their flamethrowers and supporting rifle fire at point blank range.



DLPE24 Prussian Empire Sturmwagen APC
A charge by the fearsome Prussian Grenadiers, complete with sparking Tesla-Bayonets and close range Vierling fire is a morale-shattering hammer blow for the Empire’s enemies. Prussian Commanders know that there is no better way to make sure this charge will hit home than to mount the Grenadiers in Sturmwagen APCs.






DLFS24 Federated States of America Patriot Armoured Carrier
Fast flanking manoeuvres by Treadbike outriders are often accompanied by the distinctive silhouette of the Patriot Armoured Carrier. Balancing speed, manoeuvrability and armour, the Patriot forms a solid core to any flanking action. The addition of a powerful Orlington Turret makes it more akin to a light tank that the personnel carriers of the other nations.



DLBS24 Empire of the Blazing Sun Kote Armoured Carrier
When they need to cross open ground at speed, often to mount a blitz assault on a defended position, Blazing Sun Commanders will transport their Ashigaru in lightning fast Kote vehicles. As highlighted by its sleeker frame, large, tracked drive wheels and smoke belching stacks, the Kote favours speed over heavy armour. The roofless design even allows the Ashigaru to fire on the move, whilst remaining in heavy cover.

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