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Black Crusade Collector’s Edition – I Don’t Even Play the Game and I Want One.

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Dec 052011

Fantasy Flight Games has offered us (the whole gaming community) a looksy at the Collector’s edition of Black crusade.


It will be released the first quarter of 2012.

750 numbered copies.

Visit Fantasy Flight Games here to order you’re copy.  It is abut 150.00.


So, why should you buy it?  because it is wicked cool.  I don’t even play and I am pre-ordering one.  It just looks that good.








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Tomorrow Paizo Superstar

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Dec 052011

Paizo is doing it again.  I think this is the fifth year they have had an open submissions contest for RPG designers.   The winner this year gets to write a module for Pathfinder RPG system.   The Contest consists of 5 tests the participant will compete in.


You can read all the info here…

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Naruto Rebirth Collectible Tins

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Dec 052011

Naruto CCG: Rebirth Collectible Tins

Offered in three, unique configurations (“Toad Sages,” “Shattered Bond,” and “Eight Ninja Dogs”), each Naruto CCG Collectible Tin contains four boosters (two each of Series 22 “Weapons of War” and Series 23 “Invasion”) and two exclusive foil cards.

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Naruto Invasion

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Dec 052011

Naruto CCG: Invasion Theme Deck Display

Featuring highly sought after cards like Pain in both his Animal and Asura Paths, Heredical Icon “Outer Path,” Almighty Push, and the first appearance of Sakumo Hatake, this 100+ expansion to the Naruto CCG chronicles the invasion of the Leaf Village by Pain. Invasion is introduced in 50-card Theme Decks and 10-card boosters.

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New Dark Hersy RPG books in January

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Dec 052011







40KRPG: Black Crusade: Hand of Corruption

$39.95 SRP

Hand of Corruption is an adventure in three acts for Black Crusade.

 Presented in one comprehensive volume, this epic story takes a small band of Heretics from the swirling depths of the Screaming Vortex to the far reaches of the Calixis Sector, and then to a parched and windswept Imperial penal world called Saint Annard’s Penance.

 With a host of challenges designed to appeal to a range of group types and play styles, Hand of Corruption offers ample opportunities for both savvy roleplaying and grueling combat.


40KRPG: Dark Heresy: Chaos Commandment

$24.95 SRP

A conspiracy at the highest levels of the Calixian Church has finally come to fruition, and the sector rests on the edge of interstellar upheaval.

 Can a small band of Acolytes prevent this coming apocalypse? The Chaos Commandment is an exciting adventure for Dark Heresy. The final chapter in The Apostasy Gambit trilogy (and also playable as a standalone adventure), this epic story pits a small band of Acolytes against an ancient and powerful threat.

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Magic the Gathering Card Advantage

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Dec 052011

I’ve been talking with a lot of newer players lately. They’ve been bringing it to my attention that many of them don’t understand simple concepts or maneuvers that effect the balance of power between players. These concepts or maneuvers, as I like to think of them, are card advantage, card quality, tempo, and board control. All of these can be quite simple to explain and quite difficult to master. Part of that might be because they are often so closely related that a player might not be able to tell them apart. For example at times it isn’t that difficult to confuse card advantage with card quality. Which in turn could also be tempo. But wait a minute, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Lets talk about what each of them is before we get carried away in debates.


Card advantage is a series of plays, or a play where a player has gained an advantage in the number of cards drawn and or used from their deck. In short card advantage is staying ahead of your opponent by drawing more cards than your opponent, or making plays that force you opponent to use more cards than you.


The classic expression 2 for one can easily be applied to card advantage. It makes perfect sense to everyone, I hope, that if one player plays 2 cards for every one of the opposing players he will not have cards for long.


I have taken the time to find some examples of card advantage.

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L5R imperial Histories coming in January

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Dec 022011

L5R: Imperial Histories

$39.99 SRP


The Imperial Histories recount the triumphs of the Emerald Empire and the most noble Emperors who have lead it in shining glory. Maintained by the dutiful Miya and the devoted Ikoma families, the Imperial Histories are a testament to the Emperor’s unfailing leadership and the never wavering loyalty of his servants. All samurai of the empire can look upon them and be assured of the imperial family’s unquestionable judgment and guidance of the Emerald Empire.

At least, the official imperial histories are such.  The truth…much more interesting. The Imperial Histories pulls back the curtain on many tumultuous eras of the Emerald Empire; revealing not only the glories of the Rokugani, but also their failings and tribulations. Providing a wealth of information for players and GMs alike, this tome serves as a resource for playing in various times of the Empire, or bringing elements of those times to your characters and campaigns.

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