Forged in Fire Signing with Bryan Pope

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Jun 152014

Warning the exhibit hall is quite loud. Bryan Pope , producer and creator of the smash hit Mage Wars, from Arcane Wonders shows his support to Through Gamer Goggles by signing Copies of Forged in Fire. These copies are available as a pledge on Through Gamer Goggles Kickstarter you can find it here.     I have to put a special thanks out to Arcane Wonders for making this happen – especially Bryan Pope.

Box Breaking 80 Mage Wars Druid vs Necromancer

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Nov 282013

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the newest expansion for Mage Wars; Druid vs Necromancer.  He spends some time examining the new spells as well as the art.  He even gives a pretty in depth overview of the new mage abilities.  As usual this expansion looks to be a promising addition to the Mage Wars Universe.



Mage Wars is produced by Arcane Wonders.

Box Breaking 73 Kumanjaro From Arcane Wonders.

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Jul 132013

Mage WarsWatch as Matt walks you through the Contents of the newest Mage Wars expansion; Conquest of Kumanjaro.  This expansion features an alternate Beastmaster and an alternate Priest (Priestess).



Thanks for Watching.

If you would like to learn more about Mage Wars  Arcane Wonders has a wonderful community of gamers.  You can also learn more about them over at Board Game Geek.


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Jun 242013

Mage WarsAt Origins 2013 we sat down and chatted with Patrick Connor from Arcane Wonders about Mage Wars.   Patrick brings us up to date Mage Wars by sharing information about the Conquest of Kumanjaro.  We even geat a greater treat when he spills information on the Druid and Necromancer coming up in the next expansion.  He also discusses the Ambassador Program.

You can learn more about Mage Wars at and follow them on facebook.

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CONQUEST OF KUMANJARO for Mage Wars releases June 12th

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May 072013

“Far to the South across the Veridian Sea, lies Kumanjaro, a sprawling continent of wide savannahs, dense jungles, and untold riches. It has remained untouched by the cultured nations of the North, until now…”


Arcane Wonders® is proud to announce CONQUEST OF KUMANJARO, our new Spell Tome Expansion including Alternate Mages!




Far to the south, the Johktari tribes of Kumanjaro have thrived for hundreds of years. Now the peace of a century has turned to conflict as the forces of Westlock carve out their own territories for the good of the crown and the glory of Asyra. Players can wage their own matches as a Priest of the Order of Malakai, or as a Beastmaster of the Johktari, using new ability cards for each, and a trove of new spells from all the spell schools. Join the fantasy phenomenon that pits mage against mage. The conquest begins with you!

The Johktari Beastmaster is a fierce and proud hunter, defending her people’s lands against invaders. She is a skilled archer and has the Ranged +1 trait for all of her non-spell ranged attacks. She can also sprint quickly across the vast savannahs, running swift as a Cheetah using her Sprinting ability which gives this Mage the Fast trait. If these Abilities weren’t deadly enough, the Johktari Beastmaster can use her Wounded Prey ability to mark and relentlessly pursue wounded prey, working with her animals to finish it off.

The Priest of Malakai is a crusader against non-believers. He seeks justice and relentlessly pursues enemies with Holy retribution. The Priest is blessed with the burning light of Malakai, and his basic melee attack deals light damage. In addition, once per round, if the Priest attacks and damages an enemy creature with any attack which deals light damage, the creature may burst into flame via Malakai’s Fire. To round out the divine might of this Mage is his Holy Avenger ability. When a friendly non-Legendary Holy creature comes into play, you may make it your Holy Avenger. The Holy Avenger is blessed with divine strength and it gains +5 Life.


A few of the creatures in this expansion, such as the Guardian Angel, are ready to defend their Mage at any cost and thus introduce the Intercept ability which allows them to jump in the way of ranged attacks if they are on guard.

Kumanjaro is home to the Legendary Makunda, bold, fierce, and true king of the land.

The set also introduces three (3) new conditions: Bleed, Stuck, and Tainted.

Whether your Mage must treat a potentially fatal open wound, escape the web of the Giant Wolf Spider, or deal with a wound that just won’t heal… You and your opponents are guaranteed a thrilling battle with many tense moments and exciting surprises in the Arena!

Based upon customer feedback, we have included some new tokens for bookkeeping: Armor +1, Melee +1, and Ranged +1. These vivid tokens will ensure that you and your opponent know the current state of affairs on the board.



• 2 Alternate Mages: Priest and Beastmaster

• 2 Mage Cards + 2 Mage Ability Cards

• 106 new Spell Cards

• 22 Punch Markers (with new conditions!)


The Conquest of Kumanjaro Spell Tome expansion will be available in the USA on June 12th at the 2013 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. MSRP $29.99


For more information go to!


Thanks so much for your support of Mage Wars®!



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Box Breaking 58 Mage Wars Forcemaster VS Warlord

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Mar 172013

Watch as Matt explores the new box set from Arcane Wonders for Mage Wars.

This expansion for Mage Wars pits a 2 mages against each other. One is a master of Telekinesis and mind magic. While the other is a great commander of summoned soldiers.



You can learn more about the Expansion at Arcane Wonders

If you are new to Mage Wars check out the two player game.

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Jan 092013

This is long over due, but I wanted to make sure that I gave this game a proper play test. Mage Wars is a mutation of the board and card game genres that borrows a miniature game feel. That is, it combines elements from card and board games to create a unique play experience. In this article we will focus on mechanics, “deck construction”, combat and more.


But before going crazy on the game let’s talk about their history. The crew at Arcane Wonders started developing Mage Wars five years ago. In that time they have run several play tests and visited several convention; experiences that they used to further develop the game.


The basic idea behind Mage Wars is that you control a mage in the battle arena. Each mage casts spells to defeat the other in tactical combat of magic. When one mage has lost all their life the game ends. The basic game comes with everything for two mages four mage options.


At first Mage Wars is a little bit overwhelming to learn. But the support offered by Arcane Wonders makes the curve an easy burden. They have how to videos and a packaging disclaimer. They are doing a great job keeping in touch with the players, which is a great asset to the game.


Where do you start talking about a new game type. I think it would be easiest to start with the board. It is pretty basic. It establishes the arena where you will perform combat. The board also features the mana counters, quick reference chart and a life chart. Further the board is gridded into 12 zones for easy movement and combat. At the start of a game each mage is in an opposing corner diagonally. Since there is no diagonal movement in the game this pretty much safeguards the players from a cheap victory.


One of the most unique and fundamental aspects of Mage Wars is the “deck construction”, which isn’t deck construction at all. In Mage Wars there is no drawing. When you sit down to play Mage Wars you start by choosing a mage. The basic game comes with four mages. Once you have selected one you will build your spell book out of the cards you own. I should note that your choice in a mage will affect what spells you can choose. Each mage has schools of magic it can use. While playing you get to select your spells from the spellbook. You start the game with zero spells. During the planning phase each player selects 2 spells. As a big CCG player I find this to be the coolest element. There is no top deck, or bad luck. You are responsible for your choice, which means it is tactics and not luck of the draw. There is still some luck involved in combat, but for precombat mistakes only you are to blame.


Each round is broken into two stages, ready and action. In the ready stage you prepare by adding mana, picking spells, and applying upkeep effects. During the action stage mages take turns casting spells, summoning, placing enchantments, and attacking. The exchange of turns is based on initiative that is rolled at the start of the game. Action markers are used to designate what in play cards can and can’t be used.


Combat is where the awesome stuff happens. It is a pretty simple system. Mage Wars uses special d6’s for combat.

  • Blanks are misses.
  • Numbers are hits.
  • Exploding numbers are critical hits.
  • Some spells have special effects that only trigger if you roll the correct result. 

Rather than listen to me stumble through combat with words you should watch these videos. They walk you through a few turns of the game.


Mage Wars is a unique gaming experience. It sets up an arena where mages collide. You can easily have a lot to command once the game gets rolling. The mechanic that puts Mage Wars over the top is the spellbook. By removing luck of the draw from the game it opens up so many doors to strategy. While it may look like other board games it is not. This is a game that you absolutely must try in order to judge it.

You can learn more about Mage Wars here.


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Oct 092012

Have you Heard about Mage Wars?  Well take a look inside the box with Matt as he explores the contents revealing the treasures inside.



Mage Wars has been under development for five years.  Arcane Wonders took their time to get it right.  You can learn more by following them on Facebook.   If you want to to jump right in to the community visit the Mage Wars blog.

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Words With Sean and Bryan of Arcane Wonders on Mage Wars

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Aug 242012

Sunday at Gen Con we had the chance to speak to the guys from Arcane Wonders about Mage Wars.  They  share their Gen Con experience and give us a little info about the first expansion.



You can learn more about Mage Wars here.

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