Jul 212015

In City of Gears players are competing to see who will control the CITY OF GEARS!

cogEach turn, you will roll a number of Production Dice. Then, you will move your Workers and perform a variety of actions (such as drawing and placing Gears to reactivate areas of the city, Sabotaging opponents, and activating unique Steam powers), as determined by the Production Dice results. Finally, you will check to see if you’ve triggered the endgame. If not, play passes to the next player.

Once the entire city has been connected by any player, or the Gears are all drawn, the game ends and Victory Points are calculated based on tile ownership and other factors. The player with the highest VP wins!


Why am I looking forward to this game?  In 2012 Chris Leder won the Steampunk game design challenge.   Besides the fact that it’s a winner, it features a lot of great game mechanics like exploration, area control, worker placement, and strategy.  Did I mention that you use tile placement to design the board?  Beyond that that I really don’t know that  much about the game, but it’s clearly enough to intrigue me.


Swing by Arcane Wonders Booth (741) and take a look at the game.

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