Mar 022015

It’s the season for RPG Superstar and I managed to borrow some of Owen K.C. Stephens time fo ran interview.

I broke it into two parts, Bio and RPG Superstar/writing tips.   I was going to break into a third part but that would have made it a little awkward.  Any way here is what we talked about

The first 6 minutes of my interview with Owen discusses his history. His humble beginnings at Wizards of the Coast and his journey to Paizo.


In this next portion of the interview we discuss RPG Superstar and writing.   Looking back I can see how closely related the writing is to RPG Superstar – on your first listen it might seem like we get distracted. The reality of it is that writing is really the essence of RPG Superstar.  I hope you enjoy it.

I apologize for my user error.  I made myself the presenter and I omitted Owen from the camera. But you have to thank him anyway, he saved you by giving me some of his favorite photos for a slide show saving your eyes from face.


RPG Superstar round four just ended and the finalists will be announced tonight. If you haven’t taken part in the contest it’s not too late to join the community. I’ve been gaming a long time and I have to say it’s one of the best communities to be involved in.

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