Mar 012015

Last year I had the chance to go to Gen Con because of all of you who believe I’m doing the community a service.  If you want to look back to Gen Con 2014 You can visit the Gen Con 2o14 coverage page.


Here is my video on the project.

This year some of my sponsors have convinced me to think about the whole year  as opposed to just Gen Con.

I have a lot of things planned for us and he promo pledge level is pretty sweet.  Well at least I think so who doesn’t want promos for Mage Wars, a set of Disc Duelers cards, Zpocalypse Cards, trial subscription to Adventure a Week and another trial to Syrinscape

Some of the more exciting ideas are themed weeks, with daily content on some of your favorite games.  I’m also looking froward to improving video content and attending more conventions to bring you reports.


Please check out the project and follow me on Facebook, and Twitter.

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