Jul 302014

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Gen Con isn’t that far away and I can’t wait to start talking about it. We are getting to go and enjoy the show. This is largely because I was confused; I kind of thought I was nominated for an Ennie. When the reality of it was that they hadn’t started voting yet; we were only submitted. My ignorance got the better of me, and I plotted my path to Gen Con. Which, for brevity’s sake, included a Kickstarter to fund the media expedition. It was a long road.

But that is over and the time has come to start sharing with you why I’m truly looking forward to Gen Con this year. Because there are so many things going on at Gen Con I’m going to limit this list to one item a day and it is no way a complete list of what I intend on doing at Gen Con.



Today’s article might be little longer because it will include some tasks that will happen prior to the convention. I will be arriving Tuesday afternoon to get an early start on the convention. Wednesday I’ll be busy doing interviews and hanging with some friends. The beer tapping is going to be great, but all too short watch for the froth of Khan review on twitter while listening to Five Year Mission. Five Year Mission is the band trekking to write a song about every one of the Original Star Trek episodes. From there I’ll be heading over to the Diana Jones award.


The Diana Jones is very unique because it is awarded off of popularity.  Voting is done by an anonymous committee, which prevents a manufacturer from influencing a vote.  The award focuses on achievement, innovation, and anything that betters the hobby industry.  At least that is how they describe “excellence in gaming”.  Anyone or anything in the games industry is eligible to win.  It’s even cooler that the secret society of voters doesn’t have to give the award.   You can, and in my opinion should, check out the nominees here and be sure to thank the sponsors while at Gen Con this year.


Now that the pre-show stuff is out of the way, lets get down to business. These are games, or events that come to my mind frequently when I think of Gen Con this the year. We are going to start with The Amega Weapon from The Amega Weapon LLC. The Amega Weapon is a new board game that create a chaotic environment of change. Players attempt to gain complete control over the galaxy while stabbing each other in the back. It’s new, it’s different, and I want to look into it.


I have already talked with the game designer a couple of times about the game. It has an interesting story that starts nearly 30 years ago. Did I mention the art is by Greg Winters? You might not recognize his name but I bet you’ve seen his art, especially if you like Star Wars. You can find them in booth number 2928.


Well That is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.  For reading and I hope to see you at Gen Con.  If you liked this please share or tweet it.   Everyone in our community deserves to know about these awesome events.

Til tomorrow take care,