First Blitz: Bombing London in the First World War

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Oct 132015

first blitzFirst Blitz: Bombing London in the First World War



This book tells the story of Germany’s strategic air offensive against Britain, and how it came to be neutralized. The first Zeppelin attack on London came in May 1915 – and with it came the birth of a new arena of warfare, the ‘home front’. German airships attempted to raid London on 26 separate occasions between May 1915 and October 1917, but only reached the capital and bombed successfully on nine occasions.


From May 1917 onwards, this theatre of war entered a new phase as German Gotha bombers set out to attack London in the first bomber raid. London’s defenses were again overhauled to face this new threat, providing the basis for Britain’s defense during World War II.


This comprehensive volume tells the story of the first aerial campaign in history, as the famed Zeppelins, and then the Gotha and the massive Staaken ‘Giant’ bombers waged war against the civilian population of London in the first ever ‘Blitz’.


Author: Ian Castle

Wellington’s Victory from Decision Games

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May 292015

WellingtonWellington’s Victory


This revamped version of the 1976 classic game on the battle of Waterloo presents a battlefield covered by four maps with natural contours showing elevations, and terrain features including chateaux, villages, farms, walls, woods, hedges, sunken roads, slopes, streams, and marshes. The vividly colored combat units are infantry battalions, cavalry squadrons, artillery batteries, and engineer detachments.

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Dystopian Legion March Releases

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Feb 202015

black wolfDWEX18 The Black Wolf Aerial Battle Group

As his horde of Mercenaries grows, Captain Vladimir Nikinov, or the ‘Black Wolf’ as he is infamously known, has now complemented his deadly naval forces with a devastating Aerial  Battle Group. At the heart of this new force is the massive and most intimidating Retribution Sky Fortress, one of the most impressive flying models in the world of Dystopian Wars.
The Retribution is designed to act as a mobile command centre for Nikinov should be choose to leave his famed Death Bringer Submarine, and as such the Retribution hammers enemy models with withering fore weapons, brutal rocket batteries and crushing bomb attacks. In support of this beast are three Chimera medium airships, also armed with fore guns and rocket batteries, and supporting these are five small Wrath airships, armed with fore and aft turrets.
The arrival of aerial mobility to Black Wolf forces makes them an even more dangerous foe to fight off, both as a standalone force or as mercenaries hired by the various nations of the Dystopian World. Only one fleet is spurned by Nikinov, that of the Russian Coalition, the Admirals of which have orders to kill the Black Wolf on sight.
Contains: 1 Retribution Class Sky Fortress, 3 Chimera Class Medium Airships, 5 Wraith Class Airships, 16 SAS Tokens, 3 Movement Trays & Micro Dice, 1 TAC Deck and Tokens & Templates. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Wings of Glory WWI

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Jan 062015

wwiThe year 1917. All across Europe, while men face a last-ditch battle in the mud of the trenches, colorful biplanes fly in the foggy sky, gallantly fighting each other as true “knights of the air”. Take the commands of one of the early flying machines to shoot down your enemy, complete recon missions, and become an ace, following in the steps of men like Manfred von Richthofen, Eddie Rickenbacker, Georges Guynemer and Francesco Baracca!


The WW1 series of Wings of Glory is an easy, fun to play, fast and furious system which you will be able to start playing minutes after opening the box! Innovative game mechanics encompass planes with very different flight capabilities and firepower, while still keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun. With an original maneuver and combat system, Wings of Glory delivers fun and historical accuracy with no headaches to the players!


Each WWII Wings of Glory Airplane Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, and 100% compatible with any other WWI Wings of Glory game product. In each pack you will find all you need to play with the airplane: a special base with gaming stats, four altitude flying stands, and a specific deck of maneuver cards.


This is not a complete game. You must own a WWI Wings of Glory – Rules and Accessories Pack or WW1 Wings of Glory – Duel Pack to play.

New for Black Powder Natal Native Contingent

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Feb 022012

BP: Natal Native Contingent

The NNC were auxiliary infantry recruited by the British from friendly natives who had settled in Natal and were mortal enemies of the threatening Zulus. They were organized along regular British lines, in companies, battalions and regiments.

A company of these troops would have 90 soldiers armed with traditional spear and shield with one in ten also toting a rifle of sometimes dubious provenance. They were led by European officers and NCOs who would use their Martini-Henry rifles and bayonets leaving the rank and file to tough it out in their traditional way.

The quality of the units varied – some were ineffective, many deserted but others fought well and were invaluable in scouting and in mopping up operations where they excelled in the pursuit.

They distinguished themselves from the Zulus by the simple expedient of a red rag tied around their heads or arms.

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