May 292015

WellingtonWellington’s Victory


This revamped version of the 1976 classic game on the battle of Waterloo presents a battlefield covered by four maps with natural contours showing elevations, and terrain features including chateaux, villages, farms, walls, woods, hedges, sunken roads, slopes, streams, and marshes. The vividly colored combat units are infantry battalions, cavalry squadrons, artillery batteries, and engineer detachments.

The streamlined game mechanics use a single dice roll to inflict casualties and disorder. Unit capability can be enhanced by a number

of formations, tactics, and leaders. Success comes from careful use of different arms and tactics and a good eye for terrain; finesse

trumps brute strength. Hidden movement allows for nasty surprises, particularly from the arriving Prussians.


Multiple scenarios include a number of short learning scenarios. It’s all here, from massive cavalry charges to grand bombardments to skirmishing to wild melees, with the fate of Europe in the balance.


2 players

8 hour play time



Four 22” x 34” mapsheets

1,960 die-cut counters

One color Rules booklet

One Scenario booklet

2 four-page folders

6 Display sheets

6 Dice


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