May 122011

Well, I was lucky enough to be accepted to judge at Grand Prix Providence.  Judging a Grand Prix is always an exciting experience.  They offer a great education for judges of all levels.  They also allow you to interact with a judge and player community that is not the one you are used to.  Any way I can go on for  an hour or two on the uniqueness of judging a GP, but that is not what I want to do.

In preparing for a GP there are a few things I like to look at, and a few more I like to think about.   The most important things to me are food, shelter, and travel. The secondary thoughts,  are things like what do I want to accomplish, do I want to play a draft?

Here is the list of things I need to do before we leave (carpooling with 2 others).

  • Plan the road trip
  • Study – It is always good to know more
  • Make a menu of sorts –  You never know how close food is to the event.  It is better to be prepared.
  • Make an EDH (commander) deck
  • Set some GP goals

I am in the process of planning the road trip and I have kind of hit a brick wall.   Google maps informs me that there are tolls along the way.  As best I can tell the toll is going to be around 35.00.  I have to do more research on the tolls before picking the route.  I have three possibilities laying before me.  All of which are within 30 minutes driving time of each other.

As for the food, you never know what to expect.  You don’t know if the burgers are 2.00 or 20.00.  You don’t know if the food is onsite or a mile away.  So, I always like to plan as if there is no food available.  That way if I get into a bind or there is not as much time as one would like I can allow others more freedom and still be nourished.  This menu is a work in progress but here is a list of what I have taken in the past.

  • Protein powder
  • energy drinks
  • H2O
  • Trail mix
  • protein bars
  • canned tuna (excellent source of convenient protein)
  • Sardines
  • Matzo crackers
  • canned fruit for carbs and snacks
  • Pork rinds (surprisingly a lot healthier than chips)
  • nuts of all kinds
  • instant oatmeal

This time around I am considering these items

  • Halvah (a sesame based dessert)  The healthy fat content will help me feel full
  • some cookies
  • granola
  • canned veggies.

I hope to post my planned commander deck soon.



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