May 122011

Games Workshop is releasing the Dark Eldar Venom, Scourge box set, and the Talos Pain/Cronos Parasite Engine the first week of June.   Being a Dark Eldar player myself I am almost excited.   Why, only almost excited ?  Three reasons, one I am not that awed by the models.  Two, as usual they are overpriced.  Three, I am unimpressed.  Yes, I know one and three are in conflict we will get to that in a minute.  Lets take a look at each item being released,The venom is, in my opinion, the coolest looking of the three kits.   I have one major issue and a couple of smaller ones.  the first issue is the price.  this model looks like it is about the size of a jet bike.  So, give me two for one money and we would be rockin.    The smaller issue I have with the kit is the riders.  From experience with the Dark Eldar Raider the riders are nothing but a pain.  They always fall off and are more difficult to store.  In the end I will most likely buy one or two of these for my army.

The Scourges are not impressive enough for me to replace my originals.  Even thogh those bat like wings are impressive, I prefer the original wings more.

The Talos Pain/Cronos Parasite engine is a major disappointment.  It does not look like a Dark Eldar model to me, it looks more like something the Necrons would have.  Further, it looks like it is small, especially for the price tag.  Lastly, it looks like it is way too delicate.  It appears to have several small pieces that will be easily broke when stored.  In the end i will not buy this kit, I will carve the ones I need out of pink foam.

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