Jun 102016

fowForce of Will: Vingolf 2 Series: Valkyria Chronicles


To arms, soldiers!


Gallia is under attack, and the enemy is on our borders. The empire has come in search of ragnite and conquest, but they will find that only war awaits them. Join the legendary Valkyrur, descendants of an ancient race of warriors, and their friends across three generations of war. The Vingolf series of Force of Will returns! This time, Valkyria Chronicles takes the stage!

With Ruler cards, Resonators, Spells, and plenty of Magic Stones, this box set comes with everything you’ll need to join the fight!


255 cards total:

Rulers: 5 types

Resonators: 50 types

Spells: 15 types

Additions: 5 types

Regalia: 5 types

Magic Stones: 15 types

Bonus Pack: Foil 10 types

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