Flip Through: Pathfinder Adventurer’s Guide

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Jul 282017

In this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at Pathfinders’ Adventurer’s Guide from Paizo.  This book focuses on eighteen organizations players and GM’s can use from the Inner Sea region.  They get a good look at everything from feats to spells.

The Adventurer’s Guide is a little different than most of their books, but it had to be.

Battletech Legacy will also be at Gen Con 50

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Jul 272017

E-CAT35260-Combat-Manual-Mercenaries_Cover_580wide-240x300A Draconis Combine warrior struggles with immoral orders in the First Succession War. A House Davion MechWarrior participates in a risky heist as part of Operation Guerrero. A history buff battles the Word of Blake during the Liberation of Terra. What do these MechWarriors have in common? Each one pilots the same BattleMech, a survivor that has been repaired and rebuilt countless times throughout its long and bloody 300-year lifespan.

The seventy-ton GHR-5H Grasshopper can outmaneuver and outlast some of the most fearsome enemy ’Mechs, making it an invaluable asset to battlefield commanders. Even an incapacitated Grasshopper will be rebuilt to fight another day, with a new pilot at its controls, because MechWarriors can be replaced, but ’Mechs cannot.


In BattleTech: Legacy, thirteen all-new stories chronicle the fortunes and tragedies of a single ’Mech across several tumultuous points in its wide-ranging combat history. Veteran BattleTech authors Kevin Killiany and Craig A. Reed, Jr. bookend this exciting collection, while other familiar names and new blood explore important moments in this ’Mech’s history of constant, unmitigated warfare that leaves no corner of the Inner Sphere untouched.

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Shadowrun Sprawl Stories will be at Gen Con 50.

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Jul 272017

Sprawl Stories.front coverThe Sixth World is a place of danger and few places depict that danger better than Seattle. Where the sprawl expands, klic after klic, in all directions while trying to swallow the Emerald City. It ‘s the home to millions who struggle to survive the hazards of decaying neighborhoods and the scrupulous eyes of their neighbors.

Sprawl Stories contains four Shadorun novellas:

“Neat” by Russell Zimmerman
“DocWagon 19” by Jennifer Brozek
“Big Dreams” by R.L. King
“Blind Magic” by Dylan Birtolo
Each of these novellas takes  a look at life through the eyes of those that live there.  A burnt out mage is now searching for missing person – nothing can wrong there! Then a reporter goes on a ride-along with a high-octane DocWagon crew.  Hmm, something tells me to buckle up! Oh did I mention live on Trideo? Yeah, that’s a story for you. An ex-wageslaver gets caught between powerful forces while looking into his uncle’s death.  And a shaman must recover from an injury that threatens her way of life while extracting revenge on those who double-crossed her!
Yes the Sprawl is the wild side of Seattle. Are you prepared to walk in it?

Gen Con 50: This War of Mine – the Board Game to debut at Ares Games booth

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Jul 272017

Gen Con 50: This War of Mine – the Board Game to debut
at Ares Games booth

The tabletop adaptation of the gripping survival video game will be released at the show by Ares, master distributor in US of the games published by Galakta; Hunt for the Ring, Divinity Derby and Last Friday – Return to Camp Apache will be in preview presentation

image001Ares Games will be at Gen Con 50 (Booth #237, August 17-20, Indianapolis) and this year, in addition to its own new releases (including Galaxy Defenders – Final Countdown, a new expansion for the cooperative tactical board game, and a new series of Sails of Glory Ship Packs), it will also present five games published by Galakta, exclusively distributed by Ares in the USA. Among them, the acclaimed This War of Mine: the Board Game, tabletop adaptation of the gripping survival video game from 11 bit studios, which debuts at the show. Andromeda, Age of Thieves, Ragers: Champions of the Arena and Zombie Terror, will be also in sale at Ares’ booth.

In addition to the new releases, three games to be released after the show will be previewed at Ares booth: the “prequel” to War of the Ring, Hunt for the Ring; the race and betting game Divinity Derby; and Return to Camp Apache, the first expansion for the scary board game Last Friday.

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Jul 262017


The Only Known Female Knight in History Gets Her Own Board Game and Gen Con Attendees Get to Play it First
PARIS, FRANCE (July 26, 2017): Mythic Games, creators and co-publishers with Monolith of the Mythic Battles: Pantheon Board Game, announce today the studio’s return to Gen Con (August 17 – 20, Indianapolis) to debut their latest creation, the Time of Legends: Joan of Arc board game. Gen Con attendees will be the first in North America to play Joan of Arc, as well as play the forthcoming Mythic Battles: Pantheon Board Game from last year’s multi-million dollar Kickstarter.
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Some Pics of Gen Con 50 RPG releases

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Jul 262017

There has been a lot of hype about this and I hope to get an exclusive scoop soon













And of Course Ben from Syrinscape has been super busy as a result.


Star Trek – Modiphius.


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The Get Your Game On Challenge Comes to Gen Con 50

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Jul 262017


The Get Your Game On Challenge Comes to Gen Con 50
LYON, FRANCE (July 24, 2017) – Game On Tabletop, the crowdfunding community dedicated to tabletop games, will make its debut at Gen Con 50 (August 17 – 20, Indianapolis) and calls on attendees to participate in the Get Your Game On search for the best yet-to-be-discovered games.

The Get Your Game On initiative celebrates independent game design by providing free prototype kits with contents such as dice, meeples, blank cards, pencils and more, to aspiring designers. Tasked with creating a quick-rule game that plays in less than 10 minutes before the end of the convention and then demonstrating it for the Game On Tabletop judges, winners will receive gift vouchers to level-up their prototype development and exposure to the game industry.

“Have you dreamed of becoming a game designer? Are you as dedicated as we are to the discovery of great new games? The Get Your Game On challenge is a fun way to open game design up to everyone, by and for the community that knows tabletop games best – tabletop gamers,” says Laura Hoffmann, Game On Tabletop’s business manager. “We can’t wait to see what the community brings to the table for Gen Con 50’s debut of Get Your Game On.”

After four years of hosting highly successful tabletop crowdfunding campaigns in France under the name Casus Belli, Game On Tabletop is a community-driven platform for gamers, by gamers.

About Game On Tabletop
Game On Tabletop is located in Lyon, France and was created by the team behind Black Book Editions, France’s premier RPG publisher and promoter. With more than 20 years of experience in the hobby gaming industry and four years successfully running the Casus Belli crowdfunding platform, Game On Tabletop takes that platform and launches it on the global scale to create an engaging crowdfunding community for gamers, by gamers. For more information, visit www.gameontabletop.com.

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Jul 262017
 The Firestorm Galaxy 
As part of our massive expansion of the Firestorm Galaxy Spartan Games is excited to announce that they have created Their first “out-of-the-box” board game. Called Firestorm: Strike Force, gamers take control of Fighters, Bombers and Boarding Craft in a frenzy of combat as they perform their missions!
Aimed at everyone from rookie pilots to veteran aces alike, Firestorm: Strike Force is based around an intuitive and easily expandable Deck Building mechanic and the Fog of War is provided by our Draw Bag Tokens. Highly detailed Fighters are in the box and then players will expand their games with Bombers, Boarding Craft and larger ships such as Frigates, Freighters and even Cruisers.
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GAMA Elects New Board Members

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Jul 262017

The Game Manufacturers Association Elects New Board of Directors
Columbus, OH – The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) recently elected five members to serve on the Board of Directors.
Members elected former vice president, Stephan Brissaud, to serve as President. Mr. Brissaud is the Chief Operating Officer of IELLO USA, American branch of the leading French game publisher IELLO. He has been a member of the GAMA Board of Directors since 2015.
Marie Poole was elected to serve as Vice President. Ms. Poole is the Chief Business Officer of Lone Shark Games. Her passions in the industry include: increasing sustainability in game production and promoting a welcoming environment for all gamers throughout the industry.
Brian Dalrymple was re-elected to serve as Secretary. Mr. Dalrymple is a managing member of The Adventure Game Store.
Members elected to serve as Directors-At-Large were Anne-Marie DeWitt and Jeff Tidball.
Mrs. De Witt is co-founder and co-owner of Fireside Games, a publishing company based in Austin, Texas. She functions as Chief Executive Director. She is also active in product development and enjoys designing games when time allows.
Mr. Tidball is the Chief Operating Officer at Atlas Games, co-founder of Gameplaywright, and an Origins Award–winning writer and game designer.
These members will join existing board members: Rick Loomis, Bob Maher, Will Niebling, Larry Roznai, Travis Severance, Mike Webb, and Aaron Witten.
GAMA is excited to have these professionals serving on the board.
The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) is the non-profit trade organization dedicated to serving the tabletop game industry. GAMA strengthens and supports all industry professionals by advancing their interests, providing educational programs and opportunities, and promoting our unique form of quality social entertainment.

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