Shadowrun Sprawl Stories will be at Gen Con 50.

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Jul 272017

Sprawl Stories.front coverThe Sixth World is a place of danger and few places depict that danger better than Seattle. Where the sprawl expands, klic after klic, in all directions while trying to swallow the Emerald City. It ‘s the home to millions who struggle to survive the hazards of decaying neighborhoods and the scrupulous eyes of their neighbors.

Sprawl Stories contains four Shadorun novellas:

“Neat” by Russell Zimmerman
“DocWagon 19” by Jennifer Brozek
“Big Dreams” by R.L. King
“Blind Magic” by Dylan Birtolo
Each of these novellas takes  a look at life through the eyes of those that live there.  A burnt out mage is now searching for missing person – nothing can wrong there! Then a reporter goes on a ride-along with a high-octane DocWagon crew.  Hmm, something tells me to buckle up! Oh did I mention live on Trideo? Yeah, that’s a story for you. An ex-wageslaver gets caught between powerful forces while looking into his uncle’s death.  And a shaman must recover from an injury that threatens her way of life while extracting revenge on those who double-crossed her!
Yes the Sprawl is the wild side of Seattle. Are you prepared to walk in it?

Exodus: Edge of Extinction from Passport games

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Aug 262015

exodusExodus: Edge of Extinction



Exodus: Edge of Extinction is the first expansion to the critically-acclaimed Exodus: Proxima Centauri, continuing the wide-spread conflict as six splintered factions of humanity race against time and each other to develop new technologies and forge questionable alliances to wrestle control of the Proxima Centauri star system. This time, fleet commanders will be able to command larger fleets and implement new strategies in their efforts to assert their superiority. Of course, they’ll also have to watch out for the new strategies implemented by their foes!


Exodus: Edge of Extinction gives players dozens of additional cards, as well as new card types, like “Combat Cards.” These add a new layer of strategic depth to the game, allowing for more intricate strategies than you can find in just the base game.


Requires the Exodus: Proxima Centauri main game to play.


2-7 players

Ages 14+

180 minute play time


1 Rule book

24 Space ships

5 Dark energy shields

4 Hyperspace drives

12 Space defense systems

4 Advanced space defense systems

4 Clone factories

4 Advanced T-modules

9 T-modules

3 EMP cannons

6 Unique faction boards

6 Faction sheets

4 Spaceports

30 Population cubes

15 New centurian resistance cards

15 Political cards

44 Combat cards

25 Centaurian resistance combat cards (unique set of 6 action cards for each player)

Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game from Cubicle 7

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Aug 032012

Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game

$ 44.99


NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, THERE YOU ARE. The Buckaroo Banzai Adventure Game features guidelines for taking on the roles of either your own Blue Blaze Irregular Strike Team, or the roles of Dr. Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers themselves. Familiarize yourselves with global threats ranging from Red Lectroids from Planet 10 to Hanoi Xan and the World Crime League; Learn about the specialized equipment available from the Banzai Institute, such as the Oscillation Overthruster and the Jet Car; And begin to embrace the motto of the Blue Blaze Irregulars: “Helping him to help us.”

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P-38 Lightning Aces of the 82nd Fighter in July from Osprey

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Jun 242012

P-38 Lightning Aces of the 82nd Fighter

$ 22.95 SRP


When the 82nd Fighter Group was organized in March 1942, most of its initial pilot cadre was comprised of newly graduated staff sergeant pilots of Class 42-C – enlisted men! They learned to fly the P-38 at Muroc, in California’s Mojave Desert, and then moved to the Los Angeles area to continue their training and to serve as part of its air defense. In September 1942 the group was transported to the East Coast, from where it shipped out to Ireland on the Queen Mary. By this time all its remaining sergeant pilots had been commissioned. As of VE-Day the 82nd Fighter Group’s score of confirmed aerial victories stood at 548 aircraft shot down, plus a huge amount of enemy materiel – including aircraft – destroyed on the ground and the sea. It had been awarded three Distinguished Unit Citations. The cost of this success was high, however, for around 250 of the group’s pilots had either been killed in action or captured. Softcover; July 2012; 96 pages;

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