Box Breaking 169 Nevermore from Smirk and Dagger

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Sep 282015

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Nevermore for the first time.  What will this classic bring us in the interpretation of Nevermore by Smirk and Dagger Games.

Being a Magic player I’m really looking forward to how this game plays, but first I’m going to read Nevermore and shortly after I’ll bring you the review.

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Orc Warfare Review

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Sep 282015

510scjhToeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Orc Warfare

By Chris Pramas

Publisher Osprey Publishing


Orc Warfare is an interpretation of how orcs live and war; the two are very closely related.  Chris starts by taking a look at the social and racial structures.  From there he moves to detailed descriptions of orc troops.  The last section is an anthology on tales of historic orc victories.

Orc Warfare goes over the orc physique for each of the “sub types” – goblins, orcs, and great orcs.  Without spoiling too much, goblins are about four feet tall and amount to roughly twenty-five percent of the population.  Orcs are the dominant of the species and they fill more roles in society.  The great orcs are effectively born  for war.  Being the largest of the species, you can imagine how they might be used, but you don’t have to because Chris gives us more than enough information on them.

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Reflecting on My Time at Alliance Open House 2015

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Sep 282015

Alliance Open 2015 033About a week ago I drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana for the Alliance Open House. This is primarily a trade show for retailers allowing them to meet with manufacturers, sit in on seminars, and engage other retailers. Since I’m a news and media guy I was coming in with curious expectations.  All of which I would soon find answers to.


Alliance Open 2015 018The very first thing you get to do when you arrive is register and then play games.  Well, I spent as much time walking around and chatting with friends as I did gaming.  The first familiar face was Mike Webb, and then Tony Gulliotti, it wasn’t long before we were playing Dragon Tides.  Shortly after that I ran into Phil Reed and Rhea Friesen from Steve Jackson Games.  Rhea and I played Munchkin Gloom.  Wow, Munchkin Gloom is a unique experience.  Atlas did a great job with this.  I have never played Gloom and I want to know.  It’s like playing telephone with transparent cards that evolve. I spent  the rest of the night meandering and chatting with friends like Scott Morris and Aaron Brosman.

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Automania this October

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Sep 272015




In Automania, you run a car factory, trying to produce the most popular cars in the market. To achieve this, you buy tiles to upgrade and customize your factory, and hire specialist employees to help you.


Central to the game are the factory boards: each player has a factory with three assembly lines, and each assembly line produces one type of car. You can put machine tiles along your assembly lines to change the specifications of your cars. However, your three assembly lines intersect, so each machine tile placed might affect more than one type of car – which means you have to think carefully about where you put those machines.


When a car is produced, it must be sold in one of two markets, and the better the specifications of the car is in line with the demand in the chosen market, the more popular the car will be. The most popular cars reap the highest profits, earning money or prestige – which is what you need to win this game.


2-4 players

Ages 12+

60-90 minute play time

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear: Solo Expansion From Academy Games

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Sep 252015

conflictConflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear: Solo Expansion



The Conflict of Heroes Solo Boardgame System revolutionizes solo tactical play. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) utilizes a unique Emergent Behavior and Agent Based Logic system. With this system, each battlefield situation is evaluated and the AI implements the best course of action using available resources and unit assets. Even veteran CoH players will be challenged to hone and adapt their playing styles in order to overcome this resourceful high-level AI. You will experience tense and engaging solo play like never before!


Included are several stand-alone missions, plus two full campaigns covering the German 1941 advance on Moscow. In the first campaign, you command elements of the 10th Panzer Division. In the second campaign, you switch sides and command elements of the Soviet 32nd Army trying to undo your gains from the first campaign!


This expansion requires Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear.

Dragons Gold Playthrough Review

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Sep 242015

In this review of Dragon’s Gold Matt plays through a turn and shares his final thoughts with you.  Dragons Gold is a game of some simple strategies  that set up a haggling war.  Dragon’s Gold, from IDW , can dbe a fully cooperative game or one where no one walks away a friend.  It’s really and amazing game.

Come back soon for the written review.

Flip Through Occult Adventures From Paizo

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Sep 242015

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the Occult Adventures for Pathfinder.  He shares his first impression of Occult adventures as he sneaks some peaks for you.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to share this with you.  I really can’t wait to make a kineticist.  Check back soon for the full written review soon.

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Looting Atlantis Review

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Sep 222015

Looting Atlantis designed by Nick Sauer

Published by Shoot Again Games on Kickstarter


Imagine you are a citizen of Atlantis and the continent is sinking due to a violent eruption.  Knowing that the your home is lost other citizens begin to flee.  You and the other players around you however, realize that the other civilizations are primitive in comparison so you begin Looting Atlantis to secure your family’s future.

Looting Atlantis is a race to gather as much Atlantean equipment as possible.  The only problems are that the lava is destroying everything, and other citizens are trying to thwart you.  Looting Atlantis combines a race against the clock, with card counting, critical thinking and a drafting mechanic.

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Pathfinder Module: Feast of Dust in October

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Sep 222015

feast of dustPathfinder Module: Feast of Dust



A deadly curse known as the Feast of Dust spreads rapidly through the Meraz Desert, driving its victims mad with hunger and a burning desire to flee into the sands. To find the source of this strange affliction, the heroes must investigate the plagued city of Dimayen, challenging fearsome gnoll tribes, nihilistic daemons, and the walking dead to discover the secret of a long-forgotten evil; a powerful daemon harbinger called the Jackal Prince of Famine. Despite the efforts of an ancient secret society, this twisted, unholy monstrosity walks the world again, threatening to spread his apocalyptic curse across all of Golarion! To stop the demigod’s return, the heroes must uncover his three vile siblings, now bound within malevolent artifacts, and use their combined powers to stop the Jackal Prince before the entire world feels his corrupting touch.

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Mage Wars: Academy Core Set in November

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Sep 212015

mage1Mage Wars: Academy Core Set



Mage Wars Academy pits you against your opponent in a Mage’s duel, using a unique Spellbook mechanic that provides you access to all you strategies rather than relying on the luck of the draw.  Train in your school, craft your spellbook, and test your skills at the Academy!

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