Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG: Lords of Nal Hutta Sourcebook

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Nov 262014

lordStar Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG: Lords of Nal Hutta Sourcebook



Lords of Nal Hutta is a Hutt Space sourcebook for the Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game that allows you and your friends to escape the oppressive rule of the Empire and engage in devious schemes with the galaxy’s slimiest and most notorious gangsters: the Hutts.


In its 144 pages, Lords of Nal Hutta offers Game Masters all the information they need to bring the most corrupt and lawless stretch of the galaxy to life, including its history, new playable species, new creatures, challenges, and plot hooks.

BattleCon War of the Indines Expanded Expansion

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Nov 262014

war ofBattleCON: War of Indines Extended Expansion


Keep the battle raging with BattleCON: War Remastered Extended Edition!


BattleCON: War Remastered Extended Edition features a complete set of new Alternate Art Character cards. These cards provide each character with a new Unique Ability that changes the way they play, as well as bonus arenas, strikers and even new game variants! The Force Gauge is also an alternate system for using special moves and finishers that replaces Special Actions, adding even more game play options! Can you survive the War of Indines?


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Figure Forge All Quiet on the Matian FrontTripod Grenade Launcher

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Nov 252014

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Grenade launcher version of the tripod assembly used in All Quit on the Martian Front.

All Quiet on the Martian Front is a truly scary looking miniatures game that reminds me of my childhood.

Boxbreaking 150 Firefly Clue

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Nov 242014

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at Firefly Clue.  In this crazy alternate version of Clue from USAopoly  you can play any of your favorite characters from the Firefly crew.   It is your duty to figure out who took River.

I can;t wait to play this over the holidays.

The Ancient World

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Nov 242014

ancient worldThe Ancient World


In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. The five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing kingdoms pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place for all. Each kingdom competes to attract the tribes, eager for the strength of the combined peoples, who are now leaving behind old traditions with the hope that the titans can be defeated once and for all.


In The Ancient World, players compete to grow the largest and most influential kingdom by managing citizens, treasury, military and defeating titans. Players take turns sending citizens to take special actions or using military cards to attack titans.  Players also purchase Empire cards to add strength and abilities to their kingdom.



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The Final Hours for Heavy Gear Kickstarter

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Nov 202014

Heavy Gear – War for Terra Nova Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter – Updated

We are now in the final 2 days of the Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Kickstarter, which ends this Saturday afternoon, November 22nd at 2:04 PM EST.


We want to thank all our Backers, old and new, for their support. We started the project with a modest goal of $27,000 CAD to pay for the very expensive molds needed to make a Basic Starter Set of 16 plastic miniatures. Now 27 days into the project we have unlocked 14 main stretch goals and numerous mini-stretch goals and are at over $112,000 CAD Pledged.

 Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter Core Starter Set Contents Image Updated with Stretch Goal 14 Unlocked 47 minis

We now have an amazing Backer Reward Core Starter Set which includes 47 plastic miniatures, color quick start rulebook, backer patch, plus a lot of free downloads. The true retail value of all the individual miniatures included in the Core Starter Set is over $300. You get it all for a Pledge of $115 CAD (about $100 USD) plus shipping of $15 for US and Canadian Backers and actual shipping cost for International Backers. That`s a cost of less than $2.50 per miniature compared to our pewter miniatures cost of $8 or more each.

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From Paizo The Strategy Guide

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Nov 192014

straPathfinder Roleplaying Game: Strategy Guide Hardcover


Unlock the secrets of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This 160-page strategy guide gives you invaluable advice on how to make a character, from the formation of a concept to selecting the best options to make your character come to life. An extensive look at the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook rules helps you explore the world and survive the terrible dangers of the adventuring life. This guide also includes rules for advancing your character from simple beginnings to the heights of power. Learn to improve your play and master the game with the Pathfinder RPG Strategy Guide!


The Pathfinder RPG Strategy Guide includes:

-A user-friendly step-by-step illustrated guide to building your character, everything from deciding a theme (like archer, berserker, knight, pyromancer, and more!) to picking your gear.

-Tips for making an effective and fun character to play whether exploring the world or in the middle of combat.

-Guidelines to help you navigate every aspect of the game, from dungeon exploration to combat to venturing into the wilderness.

-Comprehensive guide to complex Pathfinder RPG rules systems like combat maneuvers, attacks of opportunity, action types, and modifier stacking.

-Tips on getting the most utility out of spell selection and tactical suggestions for commonly cast spells.

-Overviews of exciting character options beyond the Core Rulebook.

Mars Attacks: Humanity Resists

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Nov 192014

mars attacksMars Attacks: Humanity Resists


They came from another planet and now they want ours! Hundreds of alien soldiers run rampage as the Martians launch their invasion of Earth. In the small town of Greenville, the streets are choked with rubble and civilians are dead or in hiding. The army is on its way, but they may already be too late. This is the day that the people of Earth will remember forever more. This is the day that Mars Attacks!






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Funko Brings us Firefly

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Nov 192014

Funko will be bringing us several Firefly figures in December; Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, and Kaylee.


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Golem Arcana December Release

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Nov 192014

golem2Golem Arcana: Gudanna Valkali Colossus



The Valkali Colossus was the Great Khan’s most potent weapon. She stands 70 feet tall (190mm), and sports six arms, four faces, and three cupolas for the sorcerer knights who pilot her. The Valkali’s faces are interchangeable; snap any four of the six included faces on the model to change up her power set!


Also included are TDI cards for the Valkali and each of her faces and two new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army:


-The Sanguine Whip: used to spur an army to action.

-The River Garnet: used to increase an enemy’s vulnerability.


Requires Golem Arcana Base Game Set to play.

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