Thunderbirds: The Game of International Rescue

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Sep 102015

mutantMutant: Year Zero: Lair of the Saurians



Zone Compendium 01: Lair of the Saurians is the first official supplement to the award winning Mutant: Year Zero RPG.


This 32-page booklet is packed with thrilling scenario locations and useful tools for the the game.



-Lair of the Saurians: By an islet in the dark waters of the Zone rests a huge rusted metal tube, rumored to hold rich treasures of the Ancients’ days. But are its reptilian inhabitants friends or foes?

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The Ancient World

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Nov 242014

ancient worldThe Ancient World


In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. The five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing kingdoms pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place for all. Each kingdom competes to attract the tribes, eager for the strength of the combined peoples, who are now leaving behind old traditions with the hope that the titans can be defeated once and for all.


In The Ancient World, players compete to grow the largest and most influential kingdom by managing citizens, treasury, military and defeating titans. Players take turns sending citizens to take special actions or using military cards to attack titans.  Players also purchase Empire cards to add strength and abilities to their kingdom.



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