May 222014

CoBIn this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at the Champions of Balance for Pathfinder.  This book is a tool for the player of neutral Characters.  That doesn’t mean that a GM can’t use this book effectively.  It offers the GM options on creating specific storyline features for his game.






You can pick it up At Paizo .

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Wizards Announces Adventurer’s League

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May 212014

Starting this August, the face of D&D public play changes with the launch of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Today, we’d like to share some information about those changes and what you can expect from our future public play programs.

Read about it on Wizards page.


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Check Out the WizKids D&D Pics

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May 212014

While trying to find the WK Con schedule I stumbled across this

Show care in your travels for here there be DRAGONS!

Check out the Green Dragon from the upcoming D&D Tyranny of Dragons minis line!

It’s not easy being green, but being a green, flying master of death and destruction is a totally different story. Check out the green dragon from Wizkids’ upcoming D&D Miniatures release.
You can check out the pics on their Facebook page.  I hope to get pictures at Origins this year.
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Wizards anniunced Tyranny of Dragons

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May 212014

NEW Ampersand LogoDungeons & Dragons Enters a Pivotal Year with Tyranny of Dragons

All New Entertainment Offerings Announced


May 19, 2014 – Renton, WA – Today, Wizards of the Coast kicked off a pivotal year for Dungeons & Dragons, unveiling new serialized entertainment offerings that will bring the upcoming Tyranny of Dragons storyline to life as well as announcing the D&D Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide for the highly-anticipated new rules set for the D&D tabletop roleplaying game. Together, these new offerings will command the attention of digital and tabletop RPG players alike, setting the foundation for the future of the brand and powering incredible, action-packed play experiences for fans.


First out of the gate for Tyranny of Dragons digital offerings will be a new module for the highly-acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons MMO, Neverwinter, from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. The new module, aptly titled Tyranny of Dragons, will be the premier digital Dungeons & Dragons experience for players and will launch on August 14, 2014.

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May 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assemble the General Purpose Cadre for the Southern Army for Heavy Gear Blitz.   I did quite a bit of editing on this video because the gears are so similar.  I decided to cut a  lot of the repetition out for you.  The end result is complete instructions for one gear and about 30 minutes less video time.



Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 Minute Pop Songs

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Dungeon Heroes Game Review

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May 172014

dungeonheroesDungeon Heroes is a dungeon crawl that can be taught to a new player in five minutes. It really is that simple to learn. It can also be just as easily won or lost in that same amount of time if the players are not careful. Unlike many dungeon crawlers you roll no dice, which I unexpectedly found to be a good spin.

The rules support a 2-player and a single player mode. The two player version pits the players against each other. One player is the Dungeon and the other plays the heroes, cleric, fighter, wizard, rogue. I should rephrase that. He plays a party of heroes that have very specific roles. That is actually where a lot of the strategy enters the game.

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Magic the Gathering Conspiracy

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May 172014

ConspiracyConspiracy Booster Display

Magic: The Gathering: Conspiracy is a new standalone booster set where the intrigue begins long before the first spells are cast! The set is designed to be drafted and then played in Free-for-All multiplayer games.

Revolutionary new abilities impact every part of the experience, from drafting and deck-building to playing the game. New Magic cards with new mechanics, as well as returning favorites, will help draw players into your store for this unique multiplayer booster draft experience.

The Conspiracy format is best suited for drafts with approximately 8 players. After players draft and build their decks, they divide into two groups of 3-5 players that will play Free-for-All multiplayer games.

Magic: The Gathering: Conspiracy is a 210 black-bordered card set including 60 unique new cards!

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Compounded Game Review

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May 162014

CompoundedIn the resource management game Compounded players use elements one would find in an ordinary high school chemistry lab to create compounds to earn points. It sounds simple, but there are more mechanics involved that can change the game every time you play. One of these allows the players to barter among themselves. To further the degree of strategy involved there is a random factor to the game providing twists and turns in the critical thinking process of the players planning.

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Battle of Five Armies from Ares Games in June

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May 152014

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of 5$89.90 SRP


The fierce struggle, witnessed by Bilbo Baggins at the end of his quest, is about to begin!


The stalwart warriors of the Free Peoples; Elves, Dwarves and Men, formed an uneasy alliance to defend the Lonely Mountain and the treasure of Smaug. Now, they are facing the endless horde of minions of the Necromancer. The Shadow Armies, led by Bolg, son of Azog, are going to sweep the ruins of Dale and the Front Gate with an unstoppable onslaught.


Will the Goblins come through the mountain soon enough to overwhelm the Free Peoples with a two-pronged attack? Can the arrival of Beorn, the skin-changer, turn the tide in favor of the Free Peoples? Will the coming of the Eagles stop the Goblins from crossing the mountain?


The Battle of Five Armies is a two-players game that allows you to re-create the epic conclusion of The Hobbit, the world-renowned masterpiece by J.R.R. Tolkien.


The Shadow player commands the armies of Bolg, son of Azog, the King of the Goblins of Mount Gundabad, while the Free Peoples player is in control of Men, Dwarves and Elves, led by Gandalf to fend off the goblin army.


Based on the acclaimed mechanics first used in the War of the Ring boardgame, The Battle of Five Armies merges action dice and event cards, to make each game a unique experience. The system has been further enhanced by the addition of the “Fate Track” mechanic, handling the arrival of the allies and the triggering of special events. All the key characters in the battle; Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Dain, the Elven King, Bard, Beorn, Bolg, are featured with powerful special abilities and unique sculptures.


The Battle of Five Armies includes 125 plastic figures and many more top-quality components.


2 player

Ages 13+

90 minute play time

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May 152014

Valiant-RPG-Digital-Initiative-Covers_Unity500 Have you seen the new quick start rules for Valiant Universe RPG? I have. They made me reminisce on some of my early RPG days. In high school we role-played like it was our life. I can’t tell you how much D&D we played. We also played Marvel Super Heroes, Rifts, and even a little bit of DC mingled its way in. We had countless night where we would sneak out of our respective houses and meet up to play in a tent. Yes, I said a tent. Which didn’t do so well in the winter, but we managed to find a barn. There wasn’t any heat at first but we made it work.

I was and I still am very fond of the Marvel Super Heroes Game. It was the first RPG that expanded my vision of what RPG’s could encompass. The game also had a unique flair to it with karma and and power shifts. Valiant is going to be a game that does that same exact thing. Catalyst has introduced some very unique concepts that might just influence the future of story telling games. Two of these are the cue system and the introduction of a lead narrator, at least I have never seen it before.

The Cue system in a nutshell is this; character definition. On each character sheet there is a series of sentences that depict the characters personality. Some of these reflect the hidden identity of the character while others display attitude of the hero, and some exemplify the approach taken in combat. Basically, they are a guideline to influence the players decision making while attempting to stay in character.

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