The Black Wolf Naval Battle Group for Dystopian Wars

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Dec 312013

DWEX14The Black Wolf Naval Battle Group

Led by the ruthless “Black Wolf” Captain Vladimir Nikonov, this mercenary fleet strikes fear into the hearts of Admirals the world over. Selling his services to the highest bidder the Black Wolf is a hunter without equal, excelling at coordinating his ships in lightning fast assaults to cripple the enemy before they know what has hit them. Spearheaded by the Death Bringer Class Submarine, frequently commanded by Nikinov himself, this Fleet of hardened warriors strikes hard at the enemy. First, the devastating gunnery of the Nemesis Class Battle Cruisers and the maneuverable firepower of the Fury Class Corvettes softens the enemy, weakening their defenses and leaving them disorientated and reeling. Then the Reaper Class Attack Drone-Subs deployed by Manticore Class Support Skimmers close in for the kill, in support of the Death Bringer itself. Together, these Submarines blast asunder the remaining enemy ships as they attempt to flee from the awesome might of the Black Wolf Battle Group.

Contains: 1 Death Bringer Class Large Submarine, 2 Acrylic Echo Templates, 2 Nemesis Class Battle Cruisers, 2 Manticore Class Support Skimmers, 12 Reaper Class Attack Drone-Subs, 8 Fury Class Corvettes and 10 Tiny Flyer Tokens. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Captain Vladimir Nikonov had a reputation as a daring and unconventional officer even before joining the Russian White Navy’s submarine development programme in 1861.  He had honed his skills as a destroyer commander, running ‘unofficial’ covert missions in the Black Sea against the Ottoman navy, as part of the Stavka high command’s brief to assess the defences of the Dardanelles.  However, such skills also inflated Nikonov’s substantial ego. Wiry of build, dark-haired and charismatic, his subordinates nicknamed him ‘Black Wolf ’ for both his appearance and hunting prowess. He came to think of himself as more of a corsair than a naval officer; styling himself upon such piratical legends as Blackbeard Teach and Sir Francis Drake.

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Vikings: Warriors of the North

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Dec 282013

vikingsVikings: Warriors of the North
$49.00 SRP

In Vikings: Warriors of the North, players take the roles of Viking jarls, fighting for control over the North and the Konung Crown. The first one to pillage all of the villages and take the daughters of their thanes to his home port as warranty of recognition of jarls authority will be declared the winner. To do this, the jarls will have to brave the stormy northern seas, battling each other along the way, and watch out for the sea monster that lurks beneath the waves! The most cunning and vehement of them all – that is, the one who the Gods favor – will throw a great feast and become the Konung of the North.

Vikings: Warriors of the North is a card-based game. Players draw cards from a common deck. Wind cards are used for moving a drakkar around the board that depicts the cold north sea. Players can move the drakkar to a village (to sack it), to an enemy drakkar (to attack it), or to their own ports, where they can throw a feast for the Gods.

A player can also use cards to drastically change the gameplay: He can increase his chances in an attack, re-roll the dice, sail further with his drakkar, or steal cards from an enemy’s hand. All of those cards represent story events that have tangible effects within the game. Some cards represent heroes who can become part of a drakkar’s crew. As long as a hero stays on the ship, he grants his owner a permanent effect. Each drakkar has three open slots for heroes. Daughters of the thanes are also considered heroes, so they also occupy drakkar slots. With only three slots, players have to think hard about their crew composition.

On a turn, a player can play any number of cards from his hand and take one action: attack, sack a village, throw a feast, etc. Attacks are resolved by a roll of a six-sided (d6) die, although many cards influence the combat result, so each battle is exciting. When a player take three daughters of the thanes (each of a different, opposing player color) and brings them to his own port, the game is over and that player wins.

The gameplay is fast, furious and fun, full of twists and comebacks; it really lets you feel like a Viking chieftain.

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Bolt Action: US Marines plastic boxed set (30) landing in January from Bolt Action

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Dec 272013

USBolt Action: US Marines plastic boxed set (30)
$40.00 SRP

Guadalcanal. Guam. Tarawa. Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Just a few of the brutal conflicts that would immortalize the US Marine Corps as they overcame a stubborn, fanatical enemy in some of the most hostile terrain in the world.

This boxed set contains enough components to build 30 multi-pose plastic WWII US Marines armed with a variety of weapons and equipment.

The models come supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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Invading this January Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks!

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Dec 262013

mars attacksMunchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks!
$5.95 SRP

The Topps Company and Steve Jackson Games announce Munchkin Apocalypse: Mars Attacks, bringing the pulpy sci-fi action of the classic card set into their newest Munchkin core game. Capturing the outrageous sci-fi action and off-beat, dark humor of Mars Attacks, Munchkin players are in for an epic adventure on the pint-sized scale!

Munchkin Apocalypse drops players into the end of the world and challenges them to acquire loot and level up. Players will continue to maim and destroy without reason or mercy or even very good aim until the squashy Earthmen force players back to make their last stand on their dying desert home.

15 cards with original 1962 artwork

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Ancient Terrible Things from Game Salute this January

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Dec 252013

ancientAncient Terrible Things
$45.00 SRP

In Ancient Terrible Things, you play the role of an intrepid adventurer, exploring a dark jungle river.  Each turn you must travel to a Fateful Location, face an Ominous Encounter and attempt to unlock its Ancient Secrets. If you succeed (using a combination of dice, tokens and cards), you add the Secrets to your score. If you fail, you unleash a Terrible Thing, which counts against your score at the end of the game.

The object of the game is to be the player with the most Ancient Secrets when the game ends at the Unspeakable Event.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

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Daemon Dice: Starter Set

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Dec 252013

DaemonDaemon Dice: Starter Set
$19.95 SRP

In the halls of Hell, the daemon lords settle their differences like gentlemen which is to say, they send their minions to do battle for them. Take your place in the Infernal Arena with Daemon Dice, a new dice game from SFR, Inc.

Build your battling daemon from dice and send them into a fast-paced frenzy of fighting. Each die represents a body part from one breed of daemons. You can build “pure breed” daemons, or mix the dice to make a “half-breed,” each with its own special strengths.

The Daemon Dice Starter Set contains 26 dice, with 13 body part dice from each of two breeds, the Frost Daemons and the Rot Daemons, and a rules folder.

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Brigade Combat Team: Kandahar This January from One Small Step

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Dec 252013

BCT CoverBrigade Combat Team: Kandahar
$69.95 SRP

Brigade Combat Team Kandahar is a modern wargame that examines the capabilities and challenges of the conflict in Afghanistan between the coalition and Taliban. The game is designed around Joseph Miranda’s Joint Ops Staff Card engine. Planning is critical as each player selects the Joint Operations cards he or she will play each turn. Each Joint Ops card played provides the player a specific capability, including Administration, Logistics, CIMIC, and Communication. Units engage in combat, provincial reconstruction, and intelligence operations. Command-control limits how players form their operational plans and coordinate large unit formations. Each side has a focused set of objectives unknown to the other side that create the doctrine and requirements for achieving victory.

The coalition player has the daunting task of conducting a counter-insurgency campaign in a country with no infrastructure, cohesive culture, or trust for centralized authority. The insurgent player has fewer assets and capabilities than the coalition, but must merely keep the teetering government off balance if it can’t topple it altogether. Each side conducts operations to counter the efforts of the opposing side, but both must be mindful of the third side – the Afghani population. The Taliban and western forces must prosecute their strategies without alienating the indigenous people.

One 22” x 17” Game Board
170 Double-Sided Die-Cut Markers
118 Double-Sided Die-Cut Counters
50 Joint Ops Cards
24 Objective Cards
24 Chaos Cards
Rules Book
Example of Play
Designer’s Notes

2 players
2-4 hours play time

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Dangerous Covenants for Star Wars Edge of the Empire from FFG

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Dec 222013

Star wars dark covenantSW: Edge of the Empire: Dangerous Covenants Sourcebook

$29.95 SRP



Dangerous Covenants, a supplement for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, features new content for the Hired Gun career. Hired Guns will find all-new specializations, talents, and signature abilities, while all players will benefit from new character, vehicle, and equipment options. Dangerous Covenants also provides tools for making stronger and more diversified characters. Meanwhile, GMs gain tools to help them add meaningful combat encounters to their campaigns. Always shoot first with Dangerous Covenants!

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Ultimate Werewolf: One Night From Bezier Games in January

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Dec 212013

ultimate wereUltimate Werewolf: One Night



One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast game for 3-10 players in which everyone gets a role: one of the dastardly Werewolves, the tricky Troublemaker, the helpful Seer, or one of a dozen different characters, each with a special ability. In the course of a single morning, your village will decide who is a werewolf…because all it takes is lynching one werewolf to win! There is no elimination and each game last about ten minutes.


Because One Night Ultimate Werewolf is so fast, fun, and engaging, you’ll want to play it again and again, and no two games are ever the same!

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Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition coming soon

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Dec 202013

WitchhunterWitch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition

$39.99 SRP


Since time immemorial, wherever Man travels, he finds all manner of monsters seeking to prey upon both his mortal flesh and immortal soul. These creatures come in many guises, oft unseen until it is too late to escape their clutches.

Thankfully, there are those who stand against the horrors from hell; men and women with the faith and courage to not only hold back the tide of night, but to take the fight directly to the Adversary, even if it means storming the Gates of Hell!

These precious few are known as Witch Hunters, men and women chosen to become members of the Orders of Solomon and used by Providence to be at the right place at the right time, to thwart the schemes of the Adversary and his minions. From the ancient cities of the Old World to the nascent settlements in the New, Witch Hunters battle nests of Vampires, covens of witches, packs of werewolves, devils and more in their unending quest.

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World 2nd Edition is a role playing game where swashbuckling heroes face the supernatural horrors of the 1690’s. Witch Hunter was designed to be more cinematic and free form by allowing the players and the Grand Master to concentrate and delve into the rich story and setting.

256 page leather-bound full color hard back

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