Dec 252013

DaemonDaemon Dice: Starter Set
$19.95 SRP

In the halls of Hell, the daemon lords settle their differences like gentlemen which is to say, they send their minions to do battle for them. Take your place in the Infernal Arena with Daemon Dice, a new dice game from SFR, Inc.

Build your battling daemon from dice and send them into a fast-paced frenzy of fighting. Each die represents a body part from one breed of daemons. You can build “pure breed” daemons, or mix the dice to make a “half-breed,” each with its own special strengths.

The Daemon Dice Starter Set contains 26 dice, with 13 body part dice from each of two breeds, the Frost Daemons and the Rot Daemons, and a rules folder.

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