Oct 312011

Ryan sits down with Vickie Beaver – writer, editor, line
producer, etc. for Savage-Mojo.  Listen
in to her talk about Savage-Mojo’s unique company structure, getting a career
in the RPG industry, what it’s like to be a woman in this field, her awesome
chicken-vermouth recipe, and more.
Vickie’s insight and background provide a fascinating perspective on
writing and playing the games we love.

Coblin Player



Oct 312011

Looking for something scary? Something a little silly? Something that combines RPG’s and horror movie fun? Check out Horror Show – but before you do, listen to my review! Hit Play below!

Get it from DriveThruRPG!

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Oct 302011

Figure Forge Assembling the Khador Juggernaut


Danny shows you how to build the Khador heavy Warjack from Privateer Press.   During this demonstration Danny show you how easy use rare earth magnets on your jacks.



Again thank you for looking.  We would love to hear from you .  Come back soon for our demonstrations on game play.

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Oct 302011

Bits on eBay


I know, I intended this to be place to to vent about the ridiculous things eBay does to sellers.

  • like raise the fee schedule and make sound like a benefit.
  • like DSR’s  – what a scam.
  • and the new improved multi-feedback is so good I don’t use it


But I am not here this time to rant about it, I have hours of audio with customer support though.  I am actually here to tell you 40k players that we just listed a ton of bits. at http://stores.ebay.com/GameQuest-Online.




The raised money will be used to buy us some more equipment and Necrons for some BOX BREAKINGS (unboxings).

So if you like what you have seen so far and you need a power fist or a melta head on over to eBay and support us little bit.


Thank you for your support.

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Oct 292011

We are back with more goodies from Privateer Press.  This installment we bring you the assembly of High Exemplar Kreoss.  We hope you enjoy Danny – who glues  more than one part to himself in this video.








Was that a trip or what?   No, really we want to know how we are doing.  We are knew to this so please leave us feedback, +1 us if you liked us.  And please make requests about what you would like to see.  We want you have as much fun as we are.   Oh and you can always follow us on twitter.

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Oct 282011

Here is our video on how to build an Exemplar Cinerator from Privateer Press


We suggest you watch it in the provided size.  We are working on a new camera.  This is too fun not to get a new so you can enjoy these more.


More videos to come soon.  Thank you all so much for watching our videos.

Oct 282011

Guest of Honor Mike Varhola  has Spoken


Mike Varhola was the Guest of Honor  this year at Con on the Cob. His interview covers these points

  • Bio
  • Freelance writer
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Non fiction books
  • D 20 open liscense
  • How it is that he became a publisher
  • What new writers should expect when approaching an editor
  • How to research
  • Thoughts on self editing
  • D Infinity magazine
  • Influence on the Industry
  • 3 d2o mechanics
  • Meta classes and sub types

Coblin Player

Mike can be found online at Skirmisher.

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