Oct 302011

Bits on eBay


I know, I intended this to be place to to vent about the ridiculous things eBay does to sellers.

  • like raise the fee schedule and make sound like a benefit.
  • like DSR’s  – what a scam.
  • and the new improved multi-feedback is so good I don’t use it


But I am not here this time to rant about it, I have hours of audio with customer support though.  I am actually here to tell you 40k players that we just listed a ton of bits. at http://stores.ebay.com/GameQuest-Online.




The raised money will be used to buy us some more equipment and Necrons for some BOX BREAKINGS (unboxings).

So if you like what you have seen so far and you need a power fist or a melta head on over to eBay and support us little bit.


Thank you for your support.

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